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What Qandeel did was represent a changing Pakistan: a Pakistan where a viral celebrity could engage with mainstream media and thus the rest of the country, despite being provocative. We began to witness a nation that was now questioning its own conscience as a result of her growing popularity, presence in TV shows and rise to becoming a household name despite being labelled a ‘slut’.The irony of Qandeel is that she came home for just one week, before leaving for abroad (presumably Dubai) with her parents to seek safety from the death threats she was receiving. Little did she know that the biggest threat to her, as is the case with most women in Pakistan, is the threat at home. Threat from the ones you love and love you back from the ones you grew up and the ones who have known you since you were a baby and the ones who are supposed to protect and nurture you from the hate that is often found swirling around in our toxic society: Your family.Fariha Altaf, tweeted that she spoke to Qandeel the night she was killed and she sounded so happy and excited. Just like that — a woman loved by many, a human with a life of hopes and dreams, was taken away from us. She died at the hands of her brothers for living her life on her own terms.The murder of Qandeel Baloch sends a very frightening message to every woman in Pakistan: WE WILL CONTINUE TO BE KILLED. They will find a reason for all of us, one by one until we can challenge this toxic brand of masculinity and honour.

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اذا الشعب يوما اراد الحياة…الشعب التركي

complex – Erdogan has suppressed democracy but a coup is not the answer.

Nadia Issam Harhash

إذا الشعب يوما أراد الحياة….الشعب التركي


إن كان هناك درسا للداني والقاصي في أحداث تركيا بمحاولة الإنقلاب العسكري ، فهو قيمة الشعوب الحقيقية. معنى ان يتم بناء الحرية في أوصال الشعوب ليكونوا هم جبهة الإنقاذ الوحيدة لوطنهم.

لا أعرف إن كانت تهاليل الفيسبوك من تشجيع وندب . أو مباركة للإنقلاب أو تتويج آخر لاردوجان هي نتيجة للإحباط العربي العام الذي لا يمكن وصفه الا بالمتخبط والجاهل .

ما حدث بتركيا هو درس في قوة الشعوب . قوة تختلف عن تلك التي شاهدناها في ربيع بلادنا العربي الذي سرعان ما تحول الى شتاء وحل . هناك قواعد في بناء الحريات والحكم الديمقراطي لا يمكن استبدالها او التنازل عنها . مهما اتفقنا او اختلفنا مع الحكومة التركية برئاسة اردوغان ، فإن محاولة الانقلاب العسكري يجب الا يتم القبول بها . مهما كان الوضع الداخلي في تركيا مزريا..وهو على غير هذا. سواء كان الانقلاب مدروسا من حفنة من المنقلبين الواهمين الذين قاموا…

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