The Media’s Exploitation of the Police Killings of Black Americans| Wake up Black folks! | 3CHICSPOLITICO


The death of black men & women and children are been televised like a reality show. These families of the victims go before the media cameras and spill their heart & Soul. They are being asked to forgive the killer of their family members within hours of their death. These folks are vulnerable, and they think going on TV will help them. While it gives voice to their grief and pain, in the long run, it has not always worked out in their favor.I don’t believe this serves them well. The perpetrators of these killings stays silent on the sidelines, while they build up their defenses, gathering information and building up their counter-defenses using the very words the victim families are issuing.The media DOES NOT care! It’ only goal is to get a story for ratings AND profit$.I also don’t think thee attorneys representing the victim’s families always have their back. If they did, they would not sanction all these TV interviews, before any charges are brought against these killer cops.Philando Castille’s family has a TV judge as their attorney. I’m sorry, but NO. HELL NO. I would not want someone defending my family who makes a living trying cases on TV. I’m not saying she’ isn’t competent. Just hire someone who IS NOT in the spotlight and has no agendas and no secondary gains by parading in front of the cameras. These families need better council, and they need it NOW.Because after that POS George Zimmermans’ TV trial, we have seen time and again the grandstanding and dismal outcomes. Thee TV trials have become common place and used, I believe to appear that justice is coming, when in reality, It has become a sideshow that serves to insult our emotions and our intelligence, when our eyes and ears have seen the truth.Look at the trials of those cops that killed Freddie Gray. It’ absolutely despicable to utter from their dirty, filthy mouths that Freddie killed himself, when we saw him being dragged into the van with his legs flailing in the wind like clothes on a clothesline.Take note, white families of those slain cops in Dallas are not parading in front of the cameras being asked to forgive Micha Johnson or  offer words of wisdom to the protesters, or “what is your opinion of police, in general?” Not one of those slain police family members would sit their child in front of a media reporter and camera and allow them to be asked those FUCKED UP QUESTIONS.Yet, Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell are just in awe of Cameron’s composure, his open heart, etc. GTFOHBut isn’t that what’s expected of the NEGRO?I’ll stop here for now, but more to come. I’d appreciate your insights, comments, opinions, links, videos, photos to add to this discussion.

Source: The Media’s Exploitation of the Police Killings of Black Americans| Wake up Black folks! | 3CHICSPOLITICO