Saudi Scapegoats | Inter Press Service

In the days since the attack Saudi authorities have been busy rounding up suspects. According to a report published by Al Jazeera, 19 people had been arrested by July 9. Of these 19, 12 are Pakistani and the remainder are Saudi citizens. In addition, Saudi authorities claim that the Jeddah bomber was also a Pakistani named Abdullah Gulzar Khan, who had been working in the kingdom for the past 12 years. The suspect was reported to have worn a suicide belt before he blew himself up.The inordinate scrutiny placed on Pakistanis working in Saudi Arabia is likely to become an even larger problem. Even when criminal charges are not terrorism-based, the Saudi legal system is opaque, providing few explanations of charges or records of proceedings. Owing in part to their inferior status in the kingdom and the intractability of its legal system in general, over 2,000 Pakistanis already languish in Saudi jails with 10 or more executed every year. The 12 arrested last week will simply join their ranks, the truth of the allegations against them never properly explained, the details of trials and prosecutions never communicated to the consulates of a poor country like Pakistan.There are good reasons for the Saudi effort to pin the blame on Pakistanis. For instance, it permits Saudi Arabia to deflect the truth that in past years its propagation of an orthodox version of Islam via countless religious schools around the world has contributed to the creation of the jihadi mindset, whose pupils increasingly if not always provide cannon fodder for suicide bombers who have struck targets across the world.According to an article published last year in World Affairs Journal, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, (either officially or via private donors) has funded madressahs and religious centres that have then been used for recruitment by extremist groups. The article quotes US Vice President Joe Biden as estimating the Saudi contribution to jihadi groups as being at “hundreds of millions of dollars and tens of thousands of tons of weapons”. Increasingly defensive about its own contribution to the very threat that is now at its doorstep, Saudi royals like King Salman have tried to deflect blame by saying that they cannot be held responsible if the money they gave for good causes is appropriated into the cause of extremism and ‘jihad’.

Source: Saudi Scapegoats | Inter Press Service

Munich man hospitalized in ‘worst racist attack in years’ – The Local – Global Racism

It was late in the evening on Friday when the warehouse worker exited his bus in the north of the Bavarian capital and set off on his way home.The 39-year-old, born and raised in Munich but with African heritage, saw two groups of people in front of him.One of the groups was made up of four or five white young men. The other group seemed to him to be Somalis. Two of them were women.When he realized that the young men were shouting abuse at the Somalis, he stepped in to try and calm the situation, police report.”Leave the people from Somalia in peace,” he told the young men.At first his mediation seemed to have worked. The insults stopped and the men left.But as he started to make his way home, one of the young men approached him and ripped his briefcase out of his hand.He turned and chased the young man into a courtyard, but found himself running straight into a trap that the young men had set for him.The other three or four men were lying in wait and assaulted him.At this point the man’s memory becomes hazy, but he remembers being struck down with a plank of wood and then being kicked several times in the head. It was at this point that he lost consciousness.One resident of the building surrounding the courtyard heard the noise and alerted the police.

Source: Munich man hospitalized in ‘worst racist attack in years’ – The Local

Sweden lowers intelligence requirement for police recruits – Radio Sweden | Sveriges Radio – WTF Report!

“What has changed is that the minimum requirement is reduced from a four to a three. That means there will be more people who go on to interviews and to take the personality test,” Annell told Swedish Radio. This will mean applicants can have lower theoretical capacity, or general problem solving ability, he adds.Other changes will be instituted, as well. Rejected applicants who failed the exam will no longer have to wait a year or two before reapplying.

Source: Sweden lowers intelligence requirement for police recruits – Radio Sweden | Sveriges Radio

The Media’s Exploitation of the Police Killings of Black Americans| Wake up Black folks! | 3CHICSPOLITICO


The death of black men & women and children are been televised like a reality show. These families of the victims go before the media cameras and spill their heart & Soul. They are being asked to forgive the killer of their family members within hours of their death. These folks are vulnerable, and they think going on TV will help them. While it gives voice to their grief and pain, in the long run, it has not always worked out in their favor.I don’t believe this serves them well. The perpetrators of these killings stays silent on the sidelines, while they build up their defenses, gathering information and building up their counter-defenses using the very words the victim families are issuing.The media DOES NOT care! It’ only goal is to get a story for ratings AND profit$.I also don’t think thee attorneys representing the victim’s families always have their back. If they did, they would not sanction all these TV interviews, before any charges are brought against these killer cops.Philando Castille’s family has a TV judge as their attorney. I’m sorry, but NO. HELL NO. I would not want someone defending my family who makes a living trying cases on TV. I’m not saying she’ isn’t competent. Just hire someone who IS NOT in the spotlight and has no agendas and no secondary gains by parading in front of the cameras. These families need better council, and they need it NOW.Because after that POS George Zimmermans’ TV trial, we have seen time and again the grandstanding and dismal outcomes. Thee TV trials have become common place and used, I believe to appear that justice is coming, when in reality, It has become a sideshow that serves to insult our emotions and our intelligence, when our eyes and ears have seen the truth.Look at the trials of those cops that killed Freddie Gray. It’ absolutely despicable to utter from their dirty, filthy mouths that Freddie killed himself, when we saw him being dragged into the van with his legs flailing in the wind like clothes on a clothesline.Take note, white families of those slain cops in Dallas are not parading in front of the cameras being asked to forgive Micha Johnson or  offer words of wisdom to the protesters, or “what is your opinion of police, in general?” Not one of those slain police family members would sit their child in front of a media reporter and camera and allow them to be asked those FUCKED UP QUESTIONS.Yet, Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell are just in awe of Cameron’s composure, his open heart, etc. GTFOHBut isn’t that what’s expected of the NEGRO?I’ll stop here for now, but more to come. I’d appreciate your insights, comments, opinions, links, videos, photos to add to this discussion.

Source: The Media’s Exploitation of the Police Killings of Black Americans| Wake up Black folks! | 3CHICSPOLITICO

Will White America Ever Reckon With Its Racism? | Dame Magazine

And let me tell you, as much as I weep for us, I’ve never been prouder to be Black than I am right at this very moment. Black folks are the product of muscle tearing, skin scarring, teeth grinding, salty, sweaty, almost fantastical endurance. We are powering a movement that will in decades only be remembered through poem and song. We are the rebels you idolize from Star Wars. We are the Patriots you celebrate every Fourth of July. We are the Mockingjay. We are Captain America in Civil War, Atticus Finch pre–Go Set a Watchman. That’s who we are. Black folks tell you about yourselves, you ain’t trying to hear none of it. It makes strange sense. We’re the terrorists, so you bomb us. You bomb us while revising your own atrocities, as there is no other community more responsible for actual domestic terrorism than White America. Has it not always been this way?To White America, I say the question you need to ask yourself is:Who are you?

Source: Will White America Ever Reckon With Its Racism? | Dame Magazine

Texas reports Zika microcephaly; CDC says Olympic risk low | CIDRAP

Texas’s first Zika-linked microcephaly caseThe Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSHS) said in a news release that it received lab confirmation of a past Zika infection in a baby who was recently born with microcephaly in Harris County. Neither the mother nor baby is infectious, and the case poses no risk to Texas residents, the agency said.In a separate statement from Harris County Public Health (HCPH), officials said Zika test results for the mother were inconclusive, but the infant’s results were definitive, suggesting that the mother was probably infected while she was pregnant, presumably in Latin America.Umair Shah, MD, MPH, HCPH’s executive director, said in the statement, “Microcephaly is one of the worst tragedies related to Zika virus infection. We are sad to report that we now have our first case of Zika-associated microcephaly and our hearts go out to the family.”

Source: Texas reports Zika microcephaly; CDC says Olympic risk low | CIDRAP

Global Patriarchy and Sexism : A reflection on Arab Drama in Ramadan

Truth and self-reflection is never easy – Nadia is doing all a favor in sharing her journey.

Nadia Issam Harhash

Global patriarchy and sexism

Ramadan is official declared as the month of worship and meditation and of course fasting from food. Practically, it is the month of eating greedily and watching the racing Arab drama 30 days series.
Being part of the tradition of this practice, I try to come out with some wisdom of the naturally unhealthy tradition. I admit it feels sedative. Like being drugged on probably low effect drugs. Something that controls the mind, focus, and even emotions through the TV screen. An act of a continuous mesmerized up and down emotions that continues throughout the series. It is like taking real life issues for a vacation in this month. Well, practicality is not bad after all. I have come to realize in this month that Media in its TV and Film industry is like religion to people. IF Marx lived in this generation, he would have…

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For Whites Sensing Decline, Donald Trump Unleashes Words of Resistance – The New York Times

This year, for the first time in decades, overt white nationalism re-entered national politics. In Iowa, a new “super PAC” paid for pro-Trump robocalls featuring Jared Taylor, a self-described race realist, and William Johnson, a white nationalist and the chairman of the American Freedom Party. (“We don’t need Muslims,” Mr. Taylor urged recipients of the calls. “We need smart, well-educated white people who will assimilate to our culture. Vote Trump.”) David Duke, the Louisiana lawmaker turned anti-Semitic radio host, encouraged listeners to vote for Mr. Trump.Modern political convention dictates that candidates receiving such embraces instantly and publicly spurn them. In 2008, when it was revealed that a minister who endorsed the Republican nominee, Senator John McCain, had made anti-Semitic and anti-Muslim remarks, Mr. McCain forcefully repudiated them.Mr. Trump did something different.Asked about the robocall, Mr. Trump seemed to sympathize with its message while affecting a vague half-distance. “Nothing in this country shocks me; I would disavow it, but nothing in this country shocks me,” Mr. Trump told a CNN anchor. “People are angry.”Pressed, Mr. Trump grew irritable, saying: “How many times you want me to say it? I said, ‘I disavow.’”Asked six weeks later about Mr. Duke’s support, he said he had been unaware of it: “David Duke endorsed me? O.K. All right. I disavow, O.K.?” Later, on Twitter, he repeated the phrase: “I disavow.”Mr. Trump has often used those words when confronted by reporters. The phrase is comfortingly nonspecific, a disavowal of everything and nothing. And whatever Mr. Trump’s intentions, it has been powerfully reassuring to people on the far right.“There’s no direct object there,” Mr. Spencer said. “It’s kind of interesting, isn’t it?”Mr. Trump’s new supporters took his approach as a signal of support. In an interview on a “pro-white” radio show called “The Political Cesspool,” Mr. Johnson, of the American Freedom Party, praised Mr. Trump’s handling of the controversy.“He disavowed us,” Mr. Johnson acknowledged, “but he explained why there is so much anger in America that I couldn’t have asked for a better approach from him.”

Source: For Whites Sensing Decline, Donald Trump Unleashes Words of Resistance – The New York Times

Space the final… #onewordprompt #fiction #amwriting


penned in moon dust

space shuttle

I packed my bags and my books

looking back my spaceship shook

always forward never back

all I need in my backpack

letting go of things behind

journey toward the edge of time

space was once the final frontier

but now its just a normal year

thrusters on toward dreams

looking forward to space ice cream

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