Ramadan and terror under the name of God

At times like these, one can almost succumb to the wish that God could smite down the enemies of God and humanity – especially those who claim to kill in God’s name and not their self-delusions. But God is about peace, love, justice, and mercy. May God bless, have mercy, and forgive those who have been murdered and mercy, blessing and forgiveness to the murderers, as well.

نادية حرحش

Is it Ramadan that is causing all this outrage among the Muslims? As if all this violence and crimes have been saved to sprint out in this month.Last year like these days of the holy month killings erupted from Tunisia, to Kuwait, to Egypt. Sinai and Sheikh Zweid ….This year the expansion of islamic terror. I feel embarrassed to call it this …but what can it be called other than that . all this terror . this horrific non stop murders of innocents in hundreds from so called muslims to muslims. In Iraq hundreds were lost in a horrific last days of Ramadan scenes … In Mecca… the holiest Muslim site.

I was looking into my previous articles and found this . Each time I think that what we experience from a deterioration of humanity under the name of God only gets worse. All fight under the name of…

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