Eat away: Italian study shows pasta doesn’t make you fat – The Local

It turns out, that even among people who don’t follow a healthy Mediterranean diet, pasta is still associated with a more streamlined physique. But why does pasta make you slimmer?The precise mechanisms are still a mystery, but scientists think it has to do with the foods we tend to eat pasta with.“Pasta intake was observed as being associated with the intake of other important food groups, such as tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and onions,” – foods, which can all be helpful when losing weight.The true extent of pasta’s weight loss powers will perhaps be revealed by a future study. Until then, feel free to tuck into as much pasta as you like, safe in the knowledge that a plate of spaghetti in and of itself is not going to cause you to balloon. Buon appetito!

Source: Eat away: Italian study shows pasta doesn’t make you fat – The Local

In the shadows of a Narcissist

Freedom is your destiny! “Another moment of trying to liberate myself … liberate myself from all the fears that lock me and prevent me from feeling free …” People, things and ideas only have the power you give to them. Never an easy path for any of us – you are doing a grand job – just you – the power and freedom in you from birth is now reborn!

Nadia Issam Harhash

As I am approaching, finally, the date of the launching of my book. A feeling that is mixed with many different emotions and sensations. From the moment I realized the book was finally printed out, the stir of emotions didn’t stop. A mixture of happiness that is tilled blocked, but yet felt. Fear of failure in terms of not having the book meeting the expectations of the people. Worries of what this entire new step is taking me towards. Expectations that are high and low. Dreams that are sneaking out of the locks of my suppression.

Amid all this, I am looking forward that date … embracing it with all my ability with hope and a horizon of a new opportunity in life.

I felt cared about in many ways as I posted about it on Facebook. I kind of didn’t expect that people really care or even bother to…

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Ramadan and terror under the name of God

At times like these, one can almost succumb to the wish that God could smite down the enemies of God and humanity – especially those who claim to kill in God’s name and not their self-delusions. But God is about peace, love, justice, and mercy. May God bless, have mercy, and forgive those who have been murdered and mercy, blessing and forgiveness to the murderers, as well.

Nadia Issam Harhash

Is it Ramadan that is causing all this outrage among the Muslims? As if all this violence and crimes have been saved to sprint out in this month.Last year like these days of the holy month killings erupted from Tunisia, to Kuwait, to Egypt. Sinai and Sheikh Zweid ….This year the expansion of islamic terror. I feel embarrassed to call it this …but what can it be called other than that . all this terror . this horrific non stop murders of innocents in hundreds from so called muslims to muslims. In Iraq hundreds were lost in a horrific last days of Ramadan scenes … In Mecca… the holiest Muslim site.

I was looking into my previous articles and found this . Each time I think that what we experience from a deterioration of humanity under the name of God only gets worse. All fight under the name of…

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