the sin of being occupied

ISIS is a danger that suddenly popped out and the world is organizing its efforts to exterminate. Living under this occupation is like an inhibited disease that keeps eating us from within. It is not serial murders that can make the difference. But the systematic ethnic cleansing that continues to take place since 67 years.
We are deemed by an evil stronger than that masked under fanatic slogans that call for death to others… we are a systematic operation of extermination that continues to make is the sacrifice of a sin we never committed.

نادية حرحش

A year after the ugly murder of Mohammad Abu Khdeir on the hand of a group of fanatic Jews. The fanatic army of the state of Israel hunted down another young life, pointing again to Ramadan. A young (17 years) man smuggling himself out to the Aqsa on a Friday prayer.
In the last weeks, shootings on the Qalandia check point appeared like becoming a norm. And our passivity towards it, as if with everything else, is nothing but a norm as well. We make some shallow screams in that instant and then our life continues in the same tone the moment next.
Sometimes it feels as if this earth on this very ground is hungry for the blood of its people. As if those slain bodies are nothing but a natural sacrifice the earth needs from its people.
Whatever the mystery behind this continuous tragedy of being on this…

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