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Seven Year Itch

The one constant in life is that everything changes.  Everything.  Even the cells in your body, your skin, your bones, your blood — many parts of you renew themselves every seven years.  You are not the person you were seven years ago. You will no longer be the person you are now, seven years down the road.

That being the case, consider yourself a work-in-progress. You will always be on the verge – of something wonderful, something terrible, something challenging, something different.  And that’s what makes this life both harrowing and heartbreaking. Constant change.


“You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed.  And you are beautiful.” ~ Amy Bloom

Playing the Fool.  Sometimes.

When I roll the wheel back and look for myself seven years ago, I see someone flattened with grief and uncertainty. My life was in shambles. I was indebted and…

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Racist graffiti scrawled outside Spanish school in London | In English | EL PAÍS

A photograph of the scrawl soon appeared on a number of parent and student WhatsApp groups, prompting Fran Pereira, whose children attend the school, to report it. “I went to the police with the photo. The next day they went to the school, but it had been covered up,” he says, adding: “The Brexit campaign has been very heavy about rejecting anything foreign. Their win has emboldened them and we are now a bit fearful: we don’t feel safe.”The head of the school said security cameras would now be installed, while cautioning: “We shouldn’t give this any more attention than it deserves.” Police patrols in the area are to be stepped up, while local residents sent a bouquet of flowers to the school expressing their solidarity.“The mood has changed, and this is just another example,” says Patricia Rodríguez of the school’s parent-teacher association. Next year the school intends to change its uniform to incorporate a Spanish flag, a move that has worried some parents.“It will make it easier to identify our children as foreigners, and we’re afraid they may be attacked as a result,” says Juan Miguel Garrido, and who believes the school has not taken the matter seriously enough.

Source: Racist graffiti scrawled outside Spanish school in London | In English | EL PAÍS


فلتان امني ام فلتان اخلاقي؟

Nadia Issam Harhash

فلتان أمني أم فلتان أخلاقي

نتكلم عن الصيام ومزاياه . الشهر الفضيل وعطاياه. نبحث عن مبررات لفشلنا وخذلاننا وانهياراتنا . بدفاع شرس عن ماضي بعيد سحيق ،أو هجوم أشرس على من يقترب من الإنتقاد أو الإشارة إلى خلل حياتنا التي تتسع الهوة في خرمه لدرجة أصبحنا مجتمعات وشعوب في هوة سحيقة.

كنت أريد أن أكتب موضوعا ألفت فيه إلي القدس بشجون أمسياتها الرمضانية . بسحرها . بنبضها الأخاذ في رمضان تحديدا ، وكأنها ترتدي حلة جديدة. إلا ان تراكم الأحداث البائسة تصر على منعي.

فيعبد تلملم جرحاها وموتاها من الساحة الدموية التي شهدتها منذ ايام (مقتل العديد من الشبان والكثير من الجرحىفي قاعة افراح نتيجة لمشادة على فتاة ) . وكذلك نابلس (مقتل اثنان من أفراد الأمن في محاولة لفض شجار) . ولو بدأت العد سأنتهي بسلسلة لمقالات حزينة ،مؤلمة، كلها يتصدرها الشجارات واطلاق النار.

ولا بد أنني سأجد تعليقات بين شاتمة للسلطة ، وأخرى شاتمة لي ، لتعميمي الدائم…

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