Al Aqsa..pray,eat and love


Al Aqsa…pray, eat and love!

Amid the contradiction that we live in, is the rising issue of what is happening in and to al Aqsa in Ramadan.

I love Jerusalem in Ramadan. It gives a flavor to the city that is denounced all year long. I can continue my fascination of the city during this month forever. It brings out the charm and the real mystifying essence of the city. However, there are things that one cannot simply ignore.

I have to say that I am just getting sicker and sicker each day of “us”. It is no longer the occupation only, or the PA only. It is no way a universal conspiracy against us. There is something wrong in us.

Last week when the masses of people decided to use the EGED transport services that was provided for free to the dwellers of the West Bank to the Jerusalem…

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