Syria is the World

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The following was initially published on Raseef22. The Arabic translation is out under the title “يحتاج اليسار إلى إعادة التفكير عميقاً، ليس بسوريا فحسب، بل بنفسه أيضاً” and the original (below) will come out next week.

“But then came Syria, and my hypocrisy and the fragility of those ideals became exposed,” wrote Palestinian activist Budour Hassan in her latest brilliant piece entitled “how the Syrian Revolution has transformed me”. For those familiar with the situation in Syria, and in particular with the Left’s reaction to the uprising, Hassan’s open apology is a truly powerful one. The Syrian revolution exposed a lot of inconvenient facts about much of the Western and Arab Left.

There is a lot to unpack here and a single article would not do it justice. Here, I wish to address a certain aspect of the Syrian crisis, namely what ‘we’ can do to address it…

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