Gaza… The Resilience | nadiaharhash

Inside me an image of poverty and destruction overwhelmed with desperation and despair. And infront of me, an image of an interactive scenery of normality. A scene I can see on any shore in the world, with the addition of exclusivity for Arabs. Genuine existence. …Persistence … to be, to live.Not every city can reflect itself to you through its people. Gaza is among those. It is not the sea. It is not the beauty or the monuments. It is not the ugliness or the destruction. It is not the richness or poverty. It is not the facilities, the streets, and the services. It is the people. It is one place that makes you see what it means to be lived. It makes you feel life through it’s people … and yet, you cannot really get to them as you pass through them.You live them.With all there stories… told and untold.With their non-ending miseries, tragedies, traumas.With their continuous destined fate of displacement and disruption.With their never tired resilience despite exhaustion and blocked opportunities.

Source: Gaza… The Resilience | nadiaharhash