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Well, this is the final chapter in the wanderings through the alphabet that my colleagues Dennis Jones, Susan Goffe and I embarked on at the beginning of the month. Sadly and ironically perhaps, it must end with a topic that we have become pretty obsessed with in the last few months. Ms. Goffe should have […]

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Netanyahu asks to expel Arab MK, Hanin Zoabi, from Knesset – PNN

Earlier on Wednesday Zoabi caused an uproar on the Knesset floor when she strongly condemned the Israeli forces’ videotaped attack on Turkish activists who were killed during their participation in Freedom Flotilla in 2010. The murderer has to pay compensation for the families of Turkish victims, she said during a debate discussing the newly-signed deal between Israel and Turkey. Zoabi considered the deal as a “murder confession.”Zoabi demanded the Israeli government issue an apology both to the “political activists” aboard the Mavi Marmara, on which she sailed in solidarity, and to herself, from those who “incited against [her] for six years.”During the debate, Israeli MKs tried to physically attack Zoabi following her address. Several MKs began shouting and moved toward the podium to complain. “Come hit me! Come hit me!” Zoabi shouted to the MKs who were pointing and yelling at her.As MKs mobbed the stage, Zoabi shouted “they murdered” and “shut up” repeatedly.When Deputy Knesset Speaker Hamad Amar (Yisrael Beytenu) asked her to apologize, Zoabi said: “The Israeli soldiers who murdered are the ones who need to apologize! You need to apologize!” The Joint List strongly denounced the attack, considering it a “fascist assault.” It added, “The racist and bloody attack against Joint List MKs has notably escalated, calling for an end to the continued incitement against Arab MKs and Hanan Zoabi in particular”.

Source: Netanyahu asks to expel Arab MK, Hanin Zoabi, from Knesset – PNN

Fifty Stockholm heart patients hit by superbug – The Local

Four of the 52 patients affected have died, and the hospital believes an antibiotic-resistant strain of the Klebsiella pneumoniae bacteria was the cause of death in at least one case. The outbreak was discovered this spring but is believed to have begun in the autumn. All of the patients affected had undergone open heart surgery at the Thorax Clinic in Solna. “We have put in place a range of measures and hope now to have stopped the spread, since we haven’t seen any new cases for two to three weeks,” chief physician Elda Sparrelid told news agency TT. The hospital has not yet fully ascertained whether the patients died as a result of the outbreak. “It’s not so easy to conclude as these are patients who were very sick for different reasons, but we do have strong suspicions in at least one case,” she said. The strain of Klebsiella pneumoniae at Karolinska contains ESBL, an enzyme that can break down antibiotics. Most of the patients affected have carried the bacteria without suffering unduly, since the bacteria itself does not generally make people sick. If however they need any treatment requiring antibiotics doctors could find that these no longer work.

Source: Fifty Stockholm heart patients hit by superbug – The Local

Nieto 120: “The support of Grandmothers energizes me to witness my ownership” – Red Harvest

José Luis’s mother did not suffer a kidnapping in the strict sense of the term. They applied another type of ordeal. After the operation where they took her husband (who was later imprisoned politician in Coronda and regained his freedom in 1982) and her mother, Ana Elena Schoesting; Luisa’s sister, Griselda Pratto, 15, arrived from Buenos Aires to help. She was also kidnapped. When Luisa entered the hospital to have her baby, in March 1977, she was forced to surrender the child threatened to kill her husband. Then followed the gang visiting at home to torture and abuse her. And released, her mother accompanied her on claims by her husband and son.In the 80s, a neighbor brought clues to the whereabouts of the child, who sought for years. But appropriators threatened the family Ratto Maulin, while providing the child stolen explanations did not close it. The cause Airbase, in 2006, collected several testimonies of what had been state terrorism in the area. In 2008, Luisa and her sister Griselda said to justice. And that left the note on the radio that caught the ear of José Luis. Today the grandson 120 declared for the first time before the court in the cause of its appropriation, and so will his parents and aunt Griselda. “This support gives me energy Grandmothers to testify, is a great incentive. I’m hopeful , “said Red Harvest shortly before returning to his province. He recalled that saw many times the press conferences of other grandchildren, “When Estela found hers, was so happy that sent me a good roast”. Lucila Puyol and Guillermo Munnué (lawyers) and Valeria Silva are part of the team accompanying CHILDREN Jose Luis at trial and that he also accompanied Grandmothers in Buenos Aires. “This case was not registered between allegations of missing children Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo, nor in new cases that, thanks to research from the National Commission for the Right to Identity (CONADI), are incorporated into the Bank “I read the statement Grandmothers that spread after the press conference. “This is another case of abduction, concealment and falsification of identity of a baby in the framework of state terrorism, like all of our grandsons and granddaughters appropriate. Thanks to his courage and family were able to reconstruct the events genocide tried to erase and distort. After in-depth know its history and the sufferings of their parents recover, the Association decided to incorporate appropriate to list of restituted grandchildren, as an act of reparation and historical truth. ”

Source: Nieto 120: “The support of Grandmothers energizes me to witness my ownership” – Red Harvest

» Peace

If a peaceful feeling grows in your body,you can build your life and a world with love.It is important to have peace in our lives

Sitting under the shadow of peace,we find happiness and success.

What is Peace?

Peace brings happiness in our lives. Without it, any country faces crime, war, and difficulties.

War brings a bad message with it—a message of destruction and dead ends.

Peace has a very important role. Without it, the life of every one of us is empty and ends with unhappiness.

Peace is a gift from almighty God. We must work for peace in our country.

Because of the war, we Afghans have experienced too much conflict and difficulties in our lives.

We need peace.

Almighty God has said in the Holy Quran that: ”It is Muslims who bring peace in their homes.”

Peace will help us build our country and progress. I feel sorry for my Afghanistan that we have never had a peaceful life. I think it is because of ignorance and lack of education. We must work hard to remove ignorance. We can only build our country by the power of the pen and knowledge.

I ask all my Afghan brothers to work together for peace and be united.

By Safa

Source: » Peace

The Privilege of Never Having to Say You’ll Concede | Dame Magazine

The potential of a fascist America is more real than ever. That’s not hyperbole—it’s a fact. A candidate for president from one of the two major American political parties has called for: the closing of the border between Mexico and the United States and the mass deportation of immigrants; a closing of the border to Muslim immigrants; assassinating the family members of suspected terrorists (a blatant war crime, by the way); the criminalization of women who have abortions; and the list goes on. The “Bernie or Bust” argument seems innocuous if you aren’t one of the millions of marginalized people whose health, rights, and lives depend on the November election results. To stay in a race that you mathematically cannot win against the first woman presidential candidate of either major party is privileged enough. To do it when the country is facing a very possible descent into fascism? That’s just dangerous.While Bernie Sanders claims that it is important to defeat Donald Trump, many of his supporters are not convinced. These people, many of whom are young white men who proudly label themselves the “real progressives,” are watching as the United States stares down the barrel of a fully loaded gun of racism, misogyny, and xenophobia and are shrugging. To even hint at voting for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, or claim that they are the same, is privilege personified.These are the “Bernie Bros”: white men who support Bernie Sanders but seemingly ignore the issues that affect marginalized people, who bellow and bully women and people of color for supporting Hillary Clinton, who claim ideological purity without having their rights and lives on the line. Not only that, but they have time and again berated and harassed women and people of color with whom they may disagree, in some cases threatening Democratic women like Nevada State Democratic Chairwoman Roberta Lange. Bernie Bros are relevant to this argument; they are a sexist reflection of the privilege emanating from the man they worship, a man who has done little if nothing to curb their atrocious, bigoted behavior.

Source: The Privilege of Never Having to Say You’ll Concede | Dame Magazine

Avian Flu Diary: Upcoming COCA Call: Identification and Care of Patients with Hantavirus Disease

Hantavirus infection in the United States can cause severe and life-threatening illness, requiring rapid assessment, presumptive diagnosis, and high-level supportive care of respiratory and cardiac functions. Hantavirus infection causes a cardiopulmonary syndrome, which includes rapid accumulation of pulmonary edema following a flu-like prodrome. Approximately 37% of cases end in death. Although hantavirus disease is rare, clinicians should be aware of the risk factors, clinical picture, and essential care elements. During this COCA call, clinicians will learn about the epidemiology, diagnosis, and clinical care of patients with hantavirus disease in the United States.

Source: Avian Flu Diary: Upcoming COCA Call: Identification and Care of Patients with Hantavirus Disease

CDC issues warning on multidrug-resistant yeast infection | CIDRAP – err… really not good news

cause for concern is that the testing of the C auris isolates demonstrated that nearly all exhibited varying levels of resistance to multiple classes of antifungal drugs—including azoles, echinocandins, and polyenes. That finding indicates that treatment options for C auris infections could be limited.A fungus that is resistant to the three major classes of antifungal drugs “could be a real management challenge,” Chiller noted.The other challenge is that C auris is difficult to identify. The CDC said biochemical-based tests cannot differentiate between C auris and other invasive Candida infections, so the pathogen can be misidentified and potentially treated inappropriately. Originally, Chiller said, many of the infections were identified as C haemulonii before being correctly identified as C auris. Chiller said hospitals need molecular techniques to correctly identify C auris infections.Chiller also noted that the fungal infection is emerging simultaneously on different continents. While the isolates appear to be highly related within the countries reporting infections, they are highly distinct between continents.

Source: CDC issues warning on multidrug-resistant yeast infection | CIDRAP

“We are with the EU!” Vote was taken… Live with it awhile; if wrong for Britain, then organize for a new vote – that’s democracy…

Demonstrators take part in a protest aimed at showing London’s solidarity with the European Union following the recent EU referendum, in Trafalgar Square, central London. Photo credit: REUTERS/Dylan Martinez

Source: “We are with the EU!”

Roughly half of Hispanics have experienced discrimination | Pew Research Center

Roughly six-in-ten Hispanics (58%) say race relations in the U.S. are generally bad, a similar share to blacks. But when it comes to the best approach to improving race relations, Hispanic views align more with those of whites. Among Hispanics and whites, more say people should focus on what different racial and ethnic groups have in common rather than what makes them unique. By contrast, blacks are split evenly on the issue.For Latinos, concepts of identity and race are complex and varied. About one-in-four Hispanics in the U.S. identify as Afro-Latino, and a quarter say they are of an indigenous background, according to the Pew Research Center National Survey of Latinos. At the same time, two-thirds of Latinos say their Hispanic background is a part of their racial identity. (The U.S. Census Bureau’s forms describe “Hispanic” as an ethnic origin and not a race.)An estimated 56.6 million Hispanics lived in the U.S. in 2015, a fast-growing population with diverse origins and many who are bilingual. Millions of people from Latin America have immigrated to the U.S. in recent decades, driving Hispanic population growth in the 1980s and 1990s. In 2014, there were 19.3 million Hispanic immigrants in the U.S., and this group accounts for nearly half of the nation’s immigrant population.Some Latinos have long expressed concerns over policies that target unauthorized immigrants, disapproving of deportations by the federal government as well as state laws like California’s Proposition 187 in 1994, which denied public services to unauthorized immigrants, and more recently Arizona’s SB 1070, which allows police to check the immigration status of suspected unauthorized immigrants so long as an officer is enforcing other laws.The race survey also found that many Hispanics discuss racial inequality on a regular basis with family and friends. About six-in-ten Hispanics (62%) say the topic of racial inequality comes up often or sometimes in conversations, a share similar to that of whites (59%). By comparison, 74% of blacks say the same.

Source: Roughly half of Hispanics have experienced discrimination | Pew Research Center