Mystery of Mongol Retreat from Hungary Solved

Di Cosmo and his colleagues have previously found that a stretch of warm, wet weather between 1211 and 1225 probably helped fuel the Mongols’ initial expansion by giving them ample fodder for their horses. And other climate researchers have found that the Mongols may have influenced the climate as well: In 2011, researchers reported that the Mongol invasion of the 1200s had a tiny but perceptible effect on global carbon dioxide levels because the amount of death and destruction their expansion caused slowed deforestation for agriculture.

Source: Mystery of Mongol Retreat from Hungary Solved

Jeremy Corbyn ‘failed to reply’ to Israeli Labour on fears of antisemitism – Trog-Laborites will try anything to undo what their voters decided!

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Source: Jeremy Corbyn ‘failed to reply’ to Israeli Labour on fears of antisemitism

8-Year-Old Brought Loaded Gun Into Brooklyn School: Gothamist

An 8-year-old boy is accused of bringing a loaded handgun into his elementary school in Brooklyn yesterday. Police say the gun was found in the boy’s backpack, and it’s unclear how he ended up with it—they suspect he may have brought it in because he was having a dispute with another child. Teachers at P.S. 91 on Albany Avenue near Maple Street say they discovered the gun after the boy refused to sit on his backpack when instructed to do so. When teachers became suspicious they looked inside and found a loaded seven-shot, .380-caliber pistol wrapped in a black shopping bag. Police say they’re still trying to ascertain how the boy got a hold of the gun. The school sent home letters alerting parents about the incident. “A student was discovered carrying a weapon in his book bag,” the letter read. “We assure you that every precaution was taken and will continue to be taken to ensure the safety of our students and staff.” ABC 7 reports that officials think the child was having a dispute with a classmate, and suspect he may have obtained the gun from his teenage brother. “Talk to your child,” Gregory Floyd, president of Teamsters Local 237, told the station. “If your child is having a dispute with another child, there should be something in place in the schools that they can just reconcile these issues without resulting in bringing weapons to school.” This is the sixth time since March that teachers have found a child with a gun at a city school.

Source: 8-Year-Old Brought Loaded Gun Into Brooklyn School: Gothamist

Pope says migrants are ′not dangerous, but in danger′ | News | DW.COM | 28.05.2016

Holding a life jacket from a young migrant girl who perished at sea, Pope Francis on Saturday told hundreds of children at the Vatican that migrants “are not dangerous, but in danger.” The pontiff told the Italian children and migrants that a rescue worker in the Mediterranean had given him the life jacket after he failed to save the young girl’s life. “He brought me this life jacket and, crying a little bit, he said: ‘Father, I failed. There was a little girl in the sea and I wasn’t able to save her. All I could reach was her life jacket,'” Pope Francis said. “I don’t want to upset you, but you are brave and you know the truth. They are in danger: many children… they are in danger,” the pontiff told the children. “Think about this girl. What was her name? I don’t know: a child without a name. Each of you must give her the name you want to. She is in heaven, she is watching over us,” he added.

Source: Pope says migrants are ′not dangerous, but in danger′ | News | DW.COM | 28.05.2016

WHO says ′no public health justification′ for postponing Olympics over Zika virus | News | DW.COM | 28.05.2016 – Deja vu Ebola Fail… economic and politics before public health by member states of WHO!

WHO noted, however, that people continue to travel between countries with the virus. There are also those who do not travel, for a number of other reasons. WHO has already urged pregnant women not to attend the games and in February called the virus a global health concern. The health experts questioned a possible conflict of interest because of WHO’s relationship with the International Olympics Committee. They called for an unbiased, evidence-based assessment to guide the UN health body. Moving the Olympics in such a short time period is not practical and cancelling or postponing the games would entail massive economic losses.

Source: WHO says ′no public health justification′ for postponing Olympics over Zika virus | News | DW.COM | 28.05.2016

90,000 people now work for Chinese firms in the United States: Shanghaiist

Most purchases or acquisitions take place in sectors out of the public eye, like energy or construction, but this is beginning to change. AMC Theatres, the second largest movie theater chain in the US, is now owned by China’s richest man Wang Jianlin through the Dalian Wanda Group. Yes, the same Wang Jianlin who earlier this week promised to crush the Shanghai Disneyland by opening up his own theme parks across the country. But whether Americans view increasing Chinese investment as good or bad thing depends very much on their prevailing world view. Is the acquisition of US assets and companies a sinister tactic which threatens national security, or an economic opportunity to be capitalized on?

Source: 90,000 people now work for Chinese firms in the United States: Shanghaiist

Incoherence or Paradigm :” to go or not to go to bed with your Rapist “

Well expressed – “I have never thought I will declare my detachment from this leadership. Until that last instant I was praying deep within me that there should be hope.

As the people themselves proved that they are still alive. The leadership proved that it doesn’t belong to the people.

We continue as people to definitely struggle to survive this harsh Israel of a fascist state that is marked with racism. A Palestinian state is no longer what I yearn to see. It is just a Palestinian proper build up. And like many, it will be a personal build up from within the very basic what is one’s own family and existence.

As I feel lost in this state of serious loss. Again, like that feeling accompanied by divorce. But somehow, seeing the real face of Israel doesn’t make it a choice for a husband. And that very attachment to this Palestinian identity makes choices null in this dramatic state of being.

It is hard to be a Palestinian and it is impossible to get rid of the Palestinian that resides within.

My flag remains that of the color that mixes my identity with an olive tree so rooted in, and branches that spread out like veins filled with pure oil blood and carries black and green olives…

A state of an incoherent paradigm.”


Incoherence or paradigm

I am thinking of the color of the flag I want to hold, as I announce my complete surrender to reality. Going through the airport as a Palestinian remains like a real suspicious item that makes you at some point seriously suspect your own species.

This apparent fact of life of being an anomaly detected didn’t suppress my thoughts of surrender.

In a certain city ,I don’t remember, you stand infront of an old fountain and turn your head and throw a cent and make a wish. The cent would be thrown anyway, but the trick is in having the cent falling not just in the fountain but inside a specific place in that fountain in order to have your wish come true. I remember trying to throw as many cents that actually failed to even touch the fountain, and as usual I found the excuses, on…

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