Re-reading Nakba

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نادية حرحش

Re-reading Nakba

As the social media is starting to flood with statuses and articles about the Nakba in these days, commemorating the 68th year of occupation. I feel for the first time in my life as an adult, that I am ready to re-read the Nakba.

It took me however years inside my adulthood to read about the Nakba. As if it has been part of a collective catastrophe (which it is) that I personally lived and endured, and some parts of my brain always insisted on blocking. It always felt like a deep injury that lived on your skin for so long and you are too vulnerable on touching it, for the fear of opening it and getting it infected.

I have dared, however, in the last years to dig more into the matter. It is impossible to get anything from my parents or my grandmother. There is…

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