Norovirus studies pinpoint global burden, build case for vaccine | CIDRAP

“Is norovirus an issue of child survival, a food safety problem, a healthcare associated infection?” he wrote. “Well, it’s all of these, which may have hampered our community of researchers and public health workers from coalescing around a central problem.” Other new findings from studies in the collections revealed: Genetic diversity in the virus, but similar global patterns, with novel GII.4 strains replacing each other every 2 to 4 years through gene swapping New insights on immunity, including the possibility of raising neutralizing antibodies without using cell-culture systems Regional epidemiologic patterns, such as those in the United States, where rates are higher in children under age 5 and in military personnel and their families Prevalence and data gaps in Africa, such as rates in Kenya that are double that of developed nations and lack of information about norovirus in Africa’s older adolescents and adults Vaccine development focusing on young children would offer the greatest global impact, though so far early trials have targeted adults in high-income settings

Source: Norovirus studies pinpoint global burden, build case for vaccine | CIDRAP

Swedish parents block ‘gateway’ yoga exercises – The Local

A pastor and his wife were among a group of Christian parents who pushed for the school in Rydaholm, southern Sweden, not to start teaching yoga to their children, a practice that was about to be introduced by a new teacher. Linda Olsson contacted the local school authorities and pointed out that her husband David, the town’s pastor, was obliged to keep religion out of ceremonies held to mark the end of the school year. Shouldn’t yoga be subjected to the same scrutiny, she wondered.  Rydaholm is part of Sweden’s Bible belt and other Christian parents shared the Olssons’ concerns about yoga and its links to Hinduism and Buddhism.  “Yoga is used by Buddhists as a form of meditation. We don’t know what it might lead to,” she told local newspaper Värnamo Nyheter.

Source: Swedish parents block ‘gateway’ yoga exercises – The Local