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No home is safe for me. Always I am in danger.

Where is my safe home?
I am not safe anywhere.
My father abuses me,
My brother scorns me,
My husband disrespects me,
For the crime of being female!

My penalty is to be hated,
Hated simply for being female,
Hated for being a daughter,
Hated for being a sister,
Hated for being a wife.

No home is safe for me.
Always I am in danger.
I want a safe home,
But that home will come
Only after my death.

That home will be my grave.
I will live without fear,
I will sleep soundly,
I will go into darkness,
Safe at last.

By Nasrin

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Prince Rogers Nelson – Dead at 57 | 3CHICSPOLITICO

These are posts you never want to write. What is there to say?There is so much to say.I haven’t been this sucker punched, since I heard about Michael Jackson.Prince was part of my youth.Prince was part of my Blackness.Prince expanded my horizons as to what it means to be a ‘Black Artist’.There is so much more that we can say.Please say it in this thread.

Source: Prince Rogers Nelson – Dead at 57 | 3CHICSPOLITICO

Islam … between the poles of Arabs and others

نادية حرحش

As I am still reflecting on my trip to Nigeria, I found myself tuned in my thoughts about the global reality that we live in. How interestingly things are connected, yet sadly, in a bad way. I would have wished for this aspect of globalization in how the globe interacts would be more of positiveness. However, it remains important and useful to see the resemblance.

Being a Muslim, maybe the reason of my certain observations, and in many ways, the resemblance that occurred must be that of Islamic.

I was highly impressed and humbled by the Muslim people I had the chance to meet over there. My discourse has never been that of racism and religious provocations, and yet, I feel I need to write about that side of how Islam or Muslims are treated in a country that Muslims form more than half of its population, and are obviously…

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