a good palestinian is a dead palestinian

نادية حرحش

It is not just another killing

Of another young life that the occupation decided to perish

In cold blood

In a ceremony of hate and despise

It is the way life is under the Zionist fascist state of hate

It is the way they intend to uproot the Palestinian hearts

A Palestinian chest facing a state of horror

A state of terror

A state where a dead Palestinian is a victory

Where a Palestinian blood is nothing but a fertilizer to their soil

A state where a human is considered by his race

His ethnicity

His religion

His language

Where every other is a sacrifice to their existence

The scene of the shooting of the young Palestinian man (Fadi Allon, 19) escaping from a savagely settler Israeli mob to be shot in cold blood by an Israeli policeman who instead of saving the young man shoots him without hesitation, while…

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