Aleppo Killing Field

Tucked in the lower floor of a building was Al-Quds hospital in Aleppo, Syria, a small 34 bed facility in the Sukkari neighborhood. Its windows and entrance were fortified with mostly sandbags for extra protection despite the many buildings around it that, in theory, protected it from being attacked. The hospital was not a rebel-run […]

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Billy Ocean on Frank Ocean: ‘At least he didn’t say I was his dad’

Repeating Islands

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Back with a new double album, the Caribbean Queen singer discusses Savile Row suits, the joys of herb and London property values, Peter Robinson reports for London’s Guardian.

Billy, your album is full of your greatest hits. How does it differ from The Very Best Of, Greatest Hits, The Collection, Super Hits and Ultimate Collection?

It’s an album that’s a new album, yet it isn’t a new album (1). On Sunday I took my family out for a meal – a really nice Chinese restaurant in Queensway – and I was listening to all those old tracks in the car, and I thought: “This is all right. I’ve done some nice tracks over the years.” Sometimes you’ve got to big up yourself.

Surely you can do better than: “This is all right.” That’s not a quote to put on the CD sticker, is it?

Well, I don’t want…

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Egypt’s El Sherbini Becomes Youngest Ever Women’s Squash World Champion — Egyptian Streets

Egyptian squash player Nour El Sherbini has become the first ever Egyptian and the youngest ever winner of the PSA Women’s World Championship. The 20-year-old defeated World No.1 Laura Massaro of England during the final of the Naza PSA Women’s World Championship in Bukit Jalil, Malaysia. El Sherbini, who will now become the new World No.1…

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Disobedience: The Courage to Break Free — Views àla JoAnn

Originally posted on Three Worlds One Vision: The new film Disobedience about the global movement to break free from fossil fuels is now available for free download and streaming at! The film is a powerful journey, featuring Break Free organizers in Canada, Germany, Turkey and the Philippines as they prepare to mobilize for major…

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Joaquin Murrieta

Social Banditry and Ethclass Consciousness

In order to understand the significance of Joaquín Murrieta one must examine two important issues that surround him: social banditry and ethclass consciousness.                 A definition of Social Banditry is required in order to draw a comparison with Murrieta, as such. A Social Bandit is someone who is considered an outlaw by the legitimate law, while remaining a hero to the populace. He represented the oppressed foreigner who suffered discrimination under the law. He came to California to lead an honest life, he was wronged by a people whom he admired. To revenge himself he took to an outlaw life and robbed and killed the hated “gringo”. Many of his fellow Chicanos did not approve of Murrieta’a actions, but they were sympathetic to his cause because he dared to fight back and lead his people in a crusade against the “gringo”.                 This concept of social banditry is well known and seen in other historical figures such as Robin Hood, in which the bandit or villain defends the oppressed from the injustices of the ruling class.                 The issue of ethclass consciousness is also a necessary factor in understanding the rise of Joaquín Murrieta. Ethclass consciousness is the identification, or awareness of one’s own ethnicity and social status and how that plays a role in the way society perceives them. Ethclass consciousness was prevalent among the Spanish-speaking people of California during this era. The social forces in the state during the gold rush period were highly instrumental in creating this consciousness. There was a strong Anglo racism against the Spanish-speaking. This racism was evident in terms of how immigrants were treated in general as well as in legislation that was passed specifically to target them. One example of this was the Foreign Miner’s Tax.

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Immigration Talk with a Mexican American: Latinos and Minorities Against Trump: Rage On Against the Dying of the Light!

It is clear, the Mexican American protesters are against the racist Trump’s message to build a 2000 mile wall. They are against separating families and deporting the 11M here. They are against the racist Trump’s promise to END Birthright Citizenship and deport (as he calls) “Anchor Babies.” These fearless and strong Mexican Americans will NOT go gentle into this good night. Rage on! Rage on against the racist message of Donald Trump! The racist Trump should expect the same treatment once he is selected as the Republican candidate. While his halls are filled with racist, countrified white men, expect minorities, Latinos, Women, Asian-Americans, African Americans, Muslim Americans, the LGBT community, ALL of us to Rage On against Trump! As Hillary said, “If you see BIGOTRY you should Oppose It!” Trump’s racist response to the protesters: “I expect I was crossing the border.” So clear he sees ALL Latinos as “illeeegals.” Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

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Niqab-wearing tourist stopped from entering Italian museum – The Local

The Musei Eremitani, located in the cloisters of a former convent, houses the city’s archaeological museum and medieval art gallery, as well as provides access to the Scrovegni chapel – the walls of which are daubed with world-famous Giotto frescoes. When she refused the request and demanded to know why she was not being permitted access to the museum, staff called the police, who eventually convinced the woman to show her face so they could check her identity. After she was identified, the woman and her husband were granted access to the museums, but they chose not to enter. Although Italian law does not forbid the wearing of the burka or niqab, since 1975 it has been forbidden to walk around public spaces with your face covered – for example, by a scarf or motorbike helmet ‘without a valid reason’. In a controversial move last December, Veneto’s neighbouring province of Lombardy amended these laws making it illegal to walk around in public wearing the either the niqab or burka.

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