Our Prime Minister interview with DW …another slap

نادية حرحش

The Palestinian prime minister was interviewed by DW German TV channel last week, in what appeared yet another time a flashing light in the continuous scandals in the Palestinian decision making governmental PA level.

I don’t know what is the recipe for such failures.

I am wiring this and I am really not proud. It is good to criticize, to be self critical to one self and his government, but when you see this in international media, there is really not much left to criticize. It becomes an embarrassment.

Each time a Palestinian believe-to-be-a BIG man appears on international interviews it backfires big time. I don’t know what do they think or expect. In written interviews I understand that some of them expect that we the absentee population doesn’t reach, believing that we still live in the controlled media era. But with TV interviews chances are that we see. The…

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