Wolf “explosion” in Liguria leads to calls for cull – The Local – {Spin and Excuse Lazy Farmers from Responsibilities to Shoulder Own Costs of Doing Business!}

In 2014, conservationists put the Ligurian wolf population at 50, but regional councillors say there are now many more – and they are killing and mauling many farmers’ animals.“In the last year the population has exploded. We think there are now as many as 200 wolves in the region,” Stefano Mai from the Northern League party told La Repubblica.“Starting to hunt them again is a solution we are looking at.”According to Mai, the region doesn’t have enough money to keep compensating farmers for all the sheep, goats and calves the wolves are taking. “Instances are multiplying too quickly,” he added.

Source: Wolf explosion in Liguria leads to calls for cull – The Local