Pedagogy of occupation

The daily elements of oppression must be so grating at times that the fuse must be lit over the smallest indignity – arrrgh!


I found myself forced to do this horroble missio of going to the ministry of interior in Jerusalem . Ofcourse it is in east jerusalem . When it comes to services east and west part as well as terminology becomes vital. The unification term becomes a pure fragmentation , segregation And humiliation . I was cursing my daughter for making me go through this from the early morning hours. I was faced by a long line that reached the beginning of the gate of this ghetto . Taking into consideration we are celebrating women’s day; I couldn’t miss out thr do many messages that were around. Veiled women. Crowds of women.more veils in all ages and styles . Stirring women. Pushing women. Screaming women. Disabled women. All women trying to push Inside to speed the entrance to a ghetto like compound controlled by two screaming in Hebrew soldiers to the…

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