Turkey’s road to tyranny__ a la Egypt


Nemrut image

Mount Nemrut in Turkey – via Discover Turkey

The Turkish authorities have seized Zaman, the country’s most widely circulated newspaper after a Turkish court ordered its confiscation. Turkish police fired tear gas and plastic pellets to disperse protesters gathered in support of the newspaper. This move is the latest in a long sequence of events initiated by President Erdogan and his government in cracking down on political opponents. Examples of this ongoing crackdown are the ruthless clearance by police of the Gezi Park protesters, repeated bans on Twitter and other social media, and various court cases accusing many people of “insulting” Erdogan. This alarming trend, however, has not unhinged Erdogan’s defiant supporters, who have a ready-made reply to their critics: “Turkey is not Coup’s Egypt.”

 The obsession with Egypt is not new. Since Egypt’s President Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood was ousted, Erdogan and his supporters have been obsessed by…

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