English-Arabic Gender dictionary now available online

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I’m extremely happy to say that there is now an English-Arabic Gender dictionaryavailable online thanks to the amazing work by Lebanon Support (دعم لبنان), one of Lebanon’s most invaluable information and research centres.

The dictionary, which was dedicated to Bassem Chit – the Lebanese revolutionary socialist who passed away in 2014 – and “to all the feminists and activists in Lebanon”, is 76 pages long and truly amazing. It doesn’t limit itself to merely translating words but allows the reader to learn about the historical background of each word and why it’s important.

Here’s some background of Lebanon Support and the dictionary:

Lebanon Support launched its Gender Equity and Information Network, part of the Civil Society Knowledge Center, in 2013. The main purpose of this knowledge production and sharing initiative is to bring together civil society organizations, researchers, practitioners and experts working together to enhance the development of, and…

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