Agenzia Fides News : Murder in Yemen

Regarding the responsibility for the massacre, the Vicar for Northern Arabia warns not to heed the manipulations of persons who aim to criminalise Islam indistinctly as a whole: “To kill in the name of God” Ballin tells Fides “is something terrible which no genuine Muslim can accept. Those who commit similar inhuman crimes are individuals dominated by and ideology which unbalances the human person”. Often, vicissitudes of Christian martyrdom intersect in a mysterious manner, historic convulsions fomented by clashes for power: “These outbreaks of violence” the Comboni Bishop continues “must also be seen in connection with unbalance produced in the area by the lifting of sanctions on Iran , which has now become more powerful and open. To blame is also the race to lower the price of oil and the battle for hegemony in the region, between Arabia anxious to maintain its Wahabit Empire and Iran anxious to reestablish the Persian Empire”. Pope Francis described the massacre in Aden “senseless and diabolic violence”, and in a message issued through his Secretary of State cardinal Pietro Parolin he prayed that the sacrifice of the sisters and their friends and helpers “will awaken consciences, lead to a change of hearts and inspire all parties involved to lay down their weapons and turn to the path of dialogue”. There is still no information on the plight or whereabouts of Salesian Father Tom Uzhunnanil, who was in the assaulted residence. “It would seem he has been abducted, but this has yet to be confirmed ” said official Salesian sources. In the meantime a statement issued by the al Qaida network in the Arabian peninsula and taken up by Arab media denied any involvement of the Jihadist group in the massacre in the Care Home in Aden.

Source: Agenzia Fides News

Protests break out at memorial for slain Honduran activist Berta Caceres | News | DW.COM | 05.03.2016

International outrage There has been strong international condemnation of the murder, and the US government on Friday called for a thorough investigation into her death: “The United States condemns the murder of civil society activist Berta Caceres and calls upon the Honduran government to conduct a prompt, thorough, and transparent investigation and to ensure those responsible are brought to justice,” a State Department release said. “We offer our sincere condolences to her family, friends, and the people of Honduras, who have lost a dedicated defender of the environment and of human rights. We offer again the full support of the United States to help bring the perpetrators to justice.” A coalition of more than 40 human rights groups from across the Americas called for an “independent, impartial” investigation into the killing.

Source: Protests break out at memorial for slain Honduran activist Berta Caceres | News | DW.COM | 05.03.2016

State laws heighten influenza vaccination rates among health care workers

A new study from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine shows that state laws requiring health care works to receive their influenza vaccines can raise vaccination rates.

Between 2000 and 2005, New Hampshire and Maine were the only two states with flu vaccine requirement laws specifically for people working in the health care industry. In those five years, health care workers had a 22.5 percent average for their influenza vaccination rates.

Between 2006 and 2011, 19 other states added state laws for influenza vaccination requirements. When this happened, health care workers had a 50.9

percent average for influenza vaccination.

“Flu vaccination for all health care workers has long been recommended as one of the most effective ways to avoid infecting vulnerable patients with influenza, which kills thousands of people every year,” Dr. Chyongchiou Jeng Lin, lead author and associate professor in Pitt’s Department of Family Medicine, said. “State laws mandating that health care workers get flu vaccinations are an effective method to potentially save lives.”

The study, available in the Journal of the National Medical Association, analyzed influenza vaccination rates between 2000 and 2011. The researchers made scores for each of the states determined according to the law’s rigor.

“We’re finding that the higher the score — meaning the state has a law and includes components like a mandate or education — the greater the probability that the vaccination rate among health care workers will be higher,” Lin said.

“We had five or six miscarriages before we had our daughter….


“We had five or six miscarriages before we had our daughter. She was a twin, but the other one miscarried. So we call her our miracle baby. I was forty when she was born. We were close in every way. We’d always go camping and hiking together. She’s always loved animals and creatures. When she was little, she’d always pick up snakes and frogs and insects. She begged us for a dog, and when we finally got her one, she called it her ‘sister.’ Now she’s in vet school in Ohio. She sends me pictures all the time. She delivered twin goats last week. I’m getting to the point where I’d like to retire, but I’m going to keep working until she’s in a place where she feels secure. Then I can finally relax. We paid for her undergrad already. She took out loans for vet school, and we’ve agreed she’s going to pay them back herself. But you know, just in case, I’m going to keep working until she feels secure. Then I can relax.”