History of U.S Airmail Service – 29 Amazing Vintage Photos of the early Days of Transporting Letters and Packages by Planes in America

These photos show the nearly 100-year-old history of U.S airmail service, beginning on May 15, 1918.

First day of the U.S airmail service, May 15, 1918

JR-1B mail airplane designed by the Standard Aircraft Corporation, 31 Dec. 1918

JR-1B mail airplane, 1918

Loading airmail in New Brunswick, New Jersey, 1925

New York City postmaster Thomas G. Patten and airmail pilot Lt. Torrey Webb, 1918

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AMERICA/COSTA RICA – Bishops denounce: violence on children has doubled

San José – “Mercy or Violence?” is the title of a message issued by the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Costa Rica, at the end of a recent assembly: “With deep sorrow we present information supplied by the national Judicial Research Office – we read in the first lines of the report sent to Fides -: In 2015 our country registered 560 murders, the highest number in recent years according to the United Nations Organisation “. Although lower compared with neighbouring countries, ithe figure is nevertheless a cause of concern also because “a quarter of these crimes are connected with episodes of drug trafficking ” say the Bishops.
“Profoundly shocking, the numbers of acts violence on children, which have doubled in less than a decade . In 2014 the National Children’s Hospital assisted 2,400 children victims of violence, in 2015 the number rose to 3,100 “. The bishops denounce widespread domestic violence and gang bullying and aggression.
In this situation the Bishops’ Conference complains of scarce control regarding violence, recalling that the country chose to do without commitment by the army in order release more resources for social policies. They add: “Every form of injustice is an act of violence. In our country ihunger, lack of decent homes and medical care etc….are acts of violence on 317,660 families, over one million men women and children live in poverty, and for another 374,185 poverty is extreme”.
Prompted by Pope Francis’ call to give central place to mercy and reconciliation, the Bishops conclude : “We have in our hands the possibility of restoring to Costa Rica a society shining with peace and full respect for human life”.

Video: Chicago Jew gets called Hitler for supporting Palestinian rights | The Electronic Intifada

“Unhinged” In the video at the top of this post, Deheeger, who is filming, can be heard repeatedly declaring, “I am Jewish, I support Palestinian human rights.” As Deheeger is carted out by police, camera in hand, one enraged person after another jumps out of their seat to taunt and curse at him. “You support killing Jews!” says one man. “Get the fuck out of here!” says another. Near the end, a woman shouts, “Hitler! Hitler!” “They were so unhinged,” Deheeger said. “One guy even came up and punched me in the arm.” The rage is striking given that Deheeger’s statement was hardly controversial. He was simply stating that Palestinians are people worthy of human rights. “I’m not even sure if they see us as people any more when we stand up and do this stuff,” he added, referring to the hatred for anti-Zionist Jews espoused by Zionists who remain deeply invested in Israel’s colonial project. “They see us as race traitors.” “It really just highlighted the amount of racism and violence that’s intertwined with the issue of Israel and Palestine in the Jewish community. And it’s passed down to kids,” said Deheeger, recalling his own support for Zionism when he was still in high school.

Source: Video: Chicago Jew gets called Hitler for supporting Palestinian rights | The Electronic Intifada

O.C. Teen Says He Was Stabbed For Speaking Arabic, Vacationing Cop Among 3 Arrested: LAist – Police Delusion: incident not racial or ethnic based…

The argument escalated, coaxing the three suspects to exit the car and confront Jarrah, who wound up getting stabbed. The three suspects fled in their vehicle, but were arrested relatively quickly. Jarrah was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries. All of the suspects are family members. Both 27-year-old Jessica Roman and 25-year-old Martin Roman are both residents of Lake Forest. They were being visited by their brother Arthur Roman of Tinley Park, Illinois, who works as a police officer in Oak Forest, Illinois. KABC reports that Martin Roman was the suspect who allegedly stabbed Jarrah. All three were arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and battery. All three were also released on bail, according to KCBS. “He was like, ‘What’s up ‘obamabam?’ I don’t even know what that means,” Jarrah recalled to KABC. “Was it like a racial issue, like is it because we were speaking Arabic or can it be the way we look?” Despite Jarrah’s wonders, Huntington Beach Police told KCBS that this was not a racially motivated crime. Instead, HBPD says the stabbing was the result of “a spur-of-the-moment argument.”

Source: O.C. Teen Says He Was Stabbed For Speaking Arabic, Vacationing Cop Among 3 Arrested: LAist