IOF kills a Palestinian-American teen in Ramallah area, Friday


Israeli soldiers shot and killed on Friday a Palestinian-American teen at an Israeli military checkpoint in the illegal Beit El settlement area after he reportedly attempt to stab an Israeli soldier.

The IOF alleged that the Palestinian boy “was carrying a knife, and attempted to stab soldiers, but they shot him dead before he was able to reach them.” No Israelis were injured during the alleged stab attempt.

The death was confirmed by the Palestinian Ministry of Health who identified the teen as Mahmoud Mohammad Ali Shaalan, 17, from Deir Dibwan town, east of Ramallah.

On Friday evening, the Palestinian Ministry of Civil Affairs said that Mahmoud’s body was returned to his family and taken to Palestine Medical Complex.

12800385_1319092138133203_4489067203744233826_nHis funeral will likely be held on Sunday after the Palestinian doctors conducts an autopsy in the forensic center of the al-Quds Abu Dis University.

The current tension situation is ongoing since October first 2015, due to repetitive Israeli settler attacks on Al-Aqsa mosque, the third holiest place in Islam, and Israeli restrictions over Palestinian entrance, in addition to the Duma arson attack which killed a baby and his parents on July, 31.

Moreover, the IOF has been criticized internationally in recent months for its ‘preemptive shootings’ of Palestinians alleged to be holding knives.

In addition several of the incidents in which the IOF has claimed that they were ‘attacked’ have proven to be false.

Since then, over 180 Palestinians have been killed. More than 15,000 Palestinians have been injured by IOF live ammunition, rubber-coated metal bullets and teargas.

Some 29 settlers were killed on the Israeli side in Palestinian operatives.