“I’ve got a daughter out there. I’ve been gone for 23 years…


“I’ve got a daughter out there. I’ve been gone for 23 years now. It’s really hurt her. My sister told me that after graduation, when everyone else was taking photos with their family, my daughter just broke down and cried. When she visits, she tells me that she feels too guilty to start a family because I won’t be there to see it. But she’s been very successful despite me. She’s a stylist. She’s doing so well. I can’t do much in here to support her, but I try my best. I’ve ordered all the fashion magazines: Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle, Bazaar. She’s too busy to read them all, so I look through them and try to find something that might help her. I set aside anything that she might be able to use for an Instagram post. She posts pictures of me on there, but only on ‘Throwback Thursday.’ She’s not ashamed of me, but she just doesn’t want anyone to see this khaki uniform. She hates it.”

(Metropolitan Detention Center, Brooklyn)

Rez Genie by Rae R



Once upon a street, off an old reservation road, there was a lonely desolate home.  In this lonely house lived a homely, lonely old lady.  She lived with her only companion a cat.  The woman drank heavily to ease her loneliness and wile away her days.  She drank so much her cellar had become littered with bottles from all over.  She herself was not sure of where and when most of these bottles had appeared.

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