‘Integration’ or ‘Assimilation’ is a Two-sided Negotiation

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by Chimene Suleyman 

A much older cousin lived in London’s Turkish neighbourhood of Green Lanes for forty years, and never learnt to speak English. She earned money tailoring clothes from a sewing machine in her living room. She shopped in local stores owned and frequented by other Turks. She socialised with her family. There was —as she saw it— little urgency for another language. In fact, there was little time. Above all, she had raised two children to speak English perfectly, have English friends, and to contribute to British society with good jobs in IT and wins at martial-art championships.

Attributing blame to a woman who does not learn the language of a country, is as good as forgetting we are not the sum of every ambition life got in the way of. Being a working mother of two will almost certainly “get in the way”. Depression and social…

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