Emotional Portrait Photos of American Child Laborers in the 1900s-10s

These are 27 emotional portrait photos of American child laborers taken by photographer Lewis Wickes Hine in the 1900s and 1910s.

5-year old picking cotton, Comanche County, Oklahoma, 1916

5-year-old after day’s work, was tired and refused to be photographed, Biloxi, Mississippi, 1911

11-year-old girl picking cotton, Oklahoma, 1916

14-year-old boy has been working in cotton mills for 6 years, Cuero, Texas, 1913

15-year-old messenger boy working for Mackay Telegraph Company, Waco, Texas, 1913

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AMERICA/CHILE – Indigenous people, poor people, young people and migrants: “the new faces of the excluded”

Santiago – The “Justice and Peace” Commission of the Social Pastoral Caritas in Chile, a body of the Episcopal Conference, presented the document “Equity and development in Chile: the new faces of the excluded”, which aims to promote dialogue on integral development with maggior equity. The Chilean Catholic Church explains in the document that “excessive economic and social differences among family members or people are scandalous and are opposed to social justice, equity, the dignity of the human person and social and international peace”.
The 33-page document is divided into three parts: it reports the details of the situation of inequality in Chile, then cites “the elements that contribute to ethical values” and finally, “calls to focus on proposals to help address the challenge of a more just and equitable society”. The text, as demonstrated by the note sent to Fides, is an invitation to reflect and, above all, to talk once again about the issue of equity which seriously undermines the foundations of the social system.
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Israel outraged by Palestinians donating to rebuild demolished homes

PNN/ Bethlehem/
Israeli media on Thursday morning reported an Israeli outrage by the Palestinians donating money to rebuild the demolished homes of those who have been killed by IOF.

According to Walla Israeli website, the Israeli army said that these donations are ruining the Israeli “deterrence policies” against Palestinian resistance.

Walla added that Israel accuses the Palestinian Authority of supporting these donations, in midst of PA calling on IOF not to continue collective punishments and demolitions, as they “increase tensions.”

Palestinians in West Bank have started a donation campaign to rebuild the home of 19-year-old Muhannad Al-Halabi near Ramallah, after it was destro

Muhannad's mother stands upon the rubble of her home in Al-Bireh, RamallahMuhannad’s mother stands upon the rubble of her home in Al-Bireh, Ramallah

yed by IOF last Saturday.

Al-Halabi was shot dead by IOF on 3 October 2015, after allegedly stabbing, killing two settlers and injuring another.

Spokesman of the campaign Abdul Karim Abu Arqoub said that the donations reached $38,000 on the first day. Middle East Monitor said.


Last month, Palestinians also bought and furnished a new home for the family of Ibrahim Al-Akkari in Shu’afat refugee camp, East Jerusalem.

Israel is still going strong with demolition policy, destroying homes under different pretexts, which include security reasons, a lack of building licences, being built near the settlements or across the settlement roads, being built on state lands or being built on green areas, Days of Palestine said.

According to a PLO affiliated study, IOF have destroyed some 478 Palestinian facilities, including homes, clinics and historical sites during 2015.



NYC Hip-Hop Legends Run DMC Are Getting A Lifetime Achievement Grammy

NYC Hip-Hop Legends Run DMC Are Getting A Lifetime Achievement Grammy The Recording Academy has finally decided to rock and rhyme on time and award Queens hip-hop legends Run DMC a Lifetime Achievement Grammy award. The trio will become the first rap act ever to receive the Grammys highest honor; since its inception in 1962, the Lifetime Achievement Award has gone to legends like The Beatles, The Ramones, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, Jimi Hendrix, Aretha Franklin, and the late David Bowie. [ more › ]





Gender-Neutral Single Stall Restrooms May Soon Be Status Quo In NYC

Gender-Neutral Single Stall Restrooms May Soon Be Status Quo In NYC New York City is well on its way toward adopting legislation that would require all single-stall restrooms to be gender neutral, a move that’s being hailed as a positive step forward in the fight for equal rights and safety for transgender and gender-nonconforming individuals. This afternoon the city council’s Committee on Housing and Buildings heard testimony on Intro-0871, a bill that would amend city plumbing, housing, and administrative codes to require existing single-occupancy bathrooms be usable by people of any gender. [ more › ]





An Atlantic Hurricane…in January : Image of the Day

Hurricanes have arrived early this year in the northern hemisphere. Just days after hurricane Pali became the earliest Central Pacific hurricane on record, the Atlantic basin spun up its own unusual storm. On January 14, 2016, a tropical depression in the eastern Atlantic evolved into hurricane Alex; it became the earliest hurricane in the basin since 1938 and just the fourth January hurricane in 150 years of records.At 11:00 a.m. Azores time (13:00 Universal Time) on January 14, the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra satellite captured this view of hurricane Alex. Two hours after the image was acquired, the storm was reported to have sustained winds of 75 knots (85 miles or 140 kilometers per hour) and a central pressure of 981 millibars.

Source: An Atlantic Hurricane…in January : Image of the Day

Anglican Archbishops Discipline U.S. Episcopal Church Over Gay Marriages – The New York Times

The resolution adopted by the Anglican Communion’s archbishops said the Episcopal Church’s decision at its general convention in 2015 to allow a marriage rite for same-sex couples was a “fundamental departure from the faith and teaching held by the majority of our provinces on the doctrine of marriage.”For the next three years, the Episcopal leaders will not be allowed to represent the Anglican Communion at meetings with other churches or other faiths, will not be appointed or elected to internal committees and will not be allowed to participate in decisions in the Anglican Communion “relating to doctrine or polity.”AdvertisementContinue reading the main storyAdvertisementContinue reading the main storyThe presiding bishop of the Episcopal Church, Michael Curry, said before the vote that “this decision will bring real pain” for all Episcopalians, but especially for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender members, according to the Episcopal News Service.“For many who have felt and been rejected by the church because of who they are, for many who have felt and been rejected by families and communities, our church opening itself in love was a sign of hope,” Bishop Curry said. “And this will add pain.”The archbishop of Canterbury permitted the participation at the gathering this week of Archbishop Foley Beach, who leads the Anglican Church in North America, a breakaway group formed in the United States and Canada to protest the moves there to ordain gay bishops and recognize same-sex marriages. The Anglican Church in North America counts just over 100,000 members.A group of conservative primates said in a statement that they were “pleased” at the sanctions and the inclusion of Archbishop Beach, but that they were disappointed the meeting did not call for “repentance” from the provinces that support same-sex marriage and gay bishops.The Rev. Susan Russell, a senior associate rector at All Saints Church in Pasadena, Calif., was among the Episcopalians who said sanctions would not change their position: “As a lifelong Episcopalian and a married lesbian priest, I think it’s not only an acceptable cost, it’s a badge of honor in some ways.”But the sanctions may be more than a temporary measure. The Rev. Canon Andrew K. Gross, a spokesman for the conservative Anglican Church in North America, said the sanctions were imposed for three years because that is when the Episcopal Church holds its next general convention and could reconsider its actions on gay marriage.

Source: Anglican Archbishops Discipline U.S. Episcopal Church Over Gay Marriages – The New York Times

New York City Council Member Shuts Down Victim Blaming in Two Minutes Flat

Cumbo — without missing a beat — explained:That’s typical of just what I spoke about: that individuals often talk about the woman, they rarely talk about the individuals who actually committed the rape. Those are the individuals that need to be focused on right now [….] We shouldn’t talk about whether she was drunk, we shouldn’t talk about whether she was properly dressed, we shouldn’t talk about the time of evening that it happened. That is too typical of how we discuss rape in the city, the nation, and really the world. We need to focus in this situation on those five individuals that committed this heinous crime and what were the bad decisions that they made all throughout the day.Cumbo goes on to speak eloquently about the systematic neglect and marginalization that Black folks — particularly Black women — suffer, and concludes with an affirmation that “whether you are on the Upper East Side or in Brownsville, all women matter, and we’re here to make sure that message is sent loud and clear.”

Source: New York City Council Member Shuts Down Victim Blaming in Two Minutes Flat