On Copts of Egypt: A Personal Journey

Sad that humans need to get over fears and biases of “other” time after time, after time. The writer’s experience between Muslim Conservatives and Coptic Christians, I have seen and experienced between various Protestant Sects, between Baptists and Catholics, Hispanics and Anglos, Black and White, Asian and Anglo. Let’s grow up!


Cairo ___ many years ago, my primary school teacher took me aside and gave me a stern ultimatum. Either cut my links with one of my friends, “C,” or my school performance would be affected. In my teacher’s view, “C” was a bad influence, and was distracting me away from my studies. “You have to fulfill your mother’s aspirations, there is a world ahead of you, so do not let this girl ruin it for you.”

“C” was a Coptic girl and my first-ever close friend. Many in my school were surprised that we even got on with each other. I was loud and bubbly; she was shy and diffident. But what we shared was hard for outsiders to understand___ empathy. Both of us were daughters of widows who were hard-working single mothers. We pined for our lost fathers, and felt a huge sense of responsibility to make progress…

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