Incoherence of blindness… extremism

نادية حرحش

Incoherence of blindness… extremism

Amid the race behind blood…

A state of madness is taking over the scene.

It is fanatically crazy. I don’t know where we are heading.

Everything is so mixed, we cannot differentiate anymore. Our extremism and theirs. Them and us.

What happened on the Greek airlines with the Arab passengers and the mad Israeli mass was by all means not different than the madness in opposing the Dabkeh in Bir Zeit University.

For the first instant. One would think… what? What are you talking about?

But if we just give our selves a passing breath of air we will realize that we are all driven by the same panic. A fear of something dark that will overwhelm our existence if we let go. We seem to protect ourselves with this shield of fear.

To arrive a level of radical extremism that cannot but defined by “apartheid”…

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