Scratches ….

Would that next year, maybe even this year be better than last and this early start.

نادية حرحش

Scratches from the year before…. dates change , and tragedies continue to unveil itselfs in new names and numbers .

We started a new year with the dreams and expectations of better days to come, and unfulfilled dreams to be realized.
In a rapidly changing world, where everything is mixed, the personal with the social, political even global; dreams and expectations seized to be simple in its bearings, achievable in its aspirations.
And as usual in life, happiness is a single moment that lasts quickly and grieve is a moment that seals our hearts … so is what is happening around us.
A personal happy moment or a sad one quickly gathers itself in the box of unimportant memories, because bigger things occur. What seems to be the biggest for a Palestinian like me diminishes the moment my eyes grasp the surrounding. Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, even Nigeria.
Each day…

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