Martyr’s funeral postponed till his corpse defrosts

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The family of martyr Baseem Salah (38) from Nablus on Tuesday night decided to postpone the funeral of their son until his body defrosts, since he was kep in a refrigerator since 29 November, preventing any chance of his burial.

IOF handed the corpse back to the family through the Huwwara checkpoint south of Nablus city, after over a month of detention.

According to the family, the martyr’s gestures were changed and his body was bended. His feet were bended some one meter above the ground, and so he could not be buried under any circumstances.

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Even though Israeli restrictions dictate that the martyr be buried within one hour of returning the body at night, the family refused to bury him in this condition, saying that he deserves a respected funeral.

Salah was shot dead in Jerusalem last month, under alleged stabbing of a soldier.

Human Rights organizations have exposed that Israeli Occupation Authorities keep the corpses of the martyrs in refrigerators that reach -80 Celcius degrees, in order to prevent any anatomy investigations.

Israel has been accused of harvesting organs and operating other violations. 

Israel has retunred several bodies of martyrs that they willfully killed in the past few months, and still retains some 50 bodies, refusing to give them back.

The bodies are handed back to their families under strict conditions that include time, place, and number of people in the funeral.

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Winona LaDuke Confirms She Will Run for Chair of White Earth Nation

Winona LaDuke

Winona LaDuke

Published December 30, 2015

WHITE EARTH INDIAN RESERVATION— According to Minnesota Public Radio, well-known American Indian activist Winona LaDuke will run for chair of the White Earth Nation, located in White Earth, Minnesota.

LaDuke confirmed her plans in an email to MPR on Tuesday.

“Basically I want to put my money where my mouth is, she wrote in the email. “I think we can make a great future for White Earth.”

LaDuke is the executive director of Honor the Earth, an organization she co-founded with Indigo Girls in 1993. LaDuke served as Ralph Nader’s Green Party running mate for president in 1996 and 2000.

The White Earth election for chair is scheduled for June 2016. However, given a power struggle the current chair of White Earth is in currently, the position may be open sooner than next June.

The White Earth Nation has over 19,000 scattered throughout the world.

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Exclusive: Microsoft to warn email users of suspected hacking by governments | Reuters{Umm, err, aah, wouldn’t making better more secure be a better bet? Hotmail has been the most hacked software in history!}

The Hotmail attacks had also targeted diplomats, media workers, human rights lawyers, and others in sensitive positions inside China, according to the former employees.Microsoft had told the targets to reset their passwords but did not tell them that they had been hacked. Five victims interviewed by Reuters said they had not taken the password request as an indication of hacking.Online free-speech activists and security experts have long called for more direct warnings, saying that they prompt behavioral changes from email users.

Source: Exclusive: Microsoft to warn email users of suspected hacking by governments | Reuters

Ray Kelly Is A Greedy Liar: Gothamist

This fight isn’t a “spontaneous dispute over the veracity of the NYPD’s official tally of shootings and murders,” as the Times reports. It’s part of a decades-long dick measuring contest between two powerful men who hate each other, a feud that has wasted an untold amount of energy and public resources. (These two even fought over who was invited to their rival anti-terrorism conferences—Leonard Levitt has much, much more).The difference now is that Bratton is in charge of the NYPD, and Kelly isn’t.There are many issues Kelly could credibly raise to criticize the NYPD and inspire reform—on onerous quotas, on costly use of force, on its lack of female and black police officers, and yes, even on stat manipulation. This will never happen, because these are just as much Kelly’s problems as they are Bratton’s (he also seems to be missing some crucial emails).This is a man who continued to defend a Muslim surveillance initiative that generated no leads, who insisted on having free meals and membership at the Harvard Club, and who didn’t bother to defend his stop and frisk program in federal court but happily cut the ribbon at his friend’s new Applebee’s.

Source: Ray Kelly Is A Greedy Liar: Gothamist

(3/3) “I had one student who came to my school as an ‘emergency…


(3/3) “I had one student who came to my school as an ‘emergency transfer.’ He was fourteen when he came into my class. He’d kick, bite, scream. He’d even pee his pants just to take them off and throw them at you. I taught him for several years. Recently he graduated, and to celebrate I took him to see The Minions. He stood in line to get his popcorn. He sat still through the entire movie. He was able to ‘be there.’ And that’s what gives me the most satisfaction. Getting my students to the point where they can be in this world.”