Fianna Éireann Council, 1915? by National Library of Ireland on The Commons

Sticking with our recent "100 years ago" theme, today we post an image of the council members of Fianna Éireann. The catalogue lists this as "1915" with a front row (left to right) of Patrick Holohan, Michael Lonergan and Con Colbert. And a back row (left to right) of Garry Holohan and Padraig Ryan.

Con Colbert (1888-1916) would be known to some – not least for his execution after the Easter Rising. Garry Holohan (1894-1967) also took part in events the year after this photo was taken – and may have fired some of the first shots of the 1916 Rising in the raid on the Phoenix Park Magazine Fort. But we wondered if anyone had information on the others.

The biggest story of the day is that the date is probably not 1915. While this somewhat undermines our planned "100 Years Ago" theme, it is great to have community input on the accuracy of the catalogue entries!

In reviewing the date, the community has pointed out that Lonergan had gone to the USA in Spring 1914 – so if Lonergan is indeed pictured, this would have to be 1914. Or earlier. Also noted was that the shirts that four of the men are wearing were not designed by Lonergan until spring 1912. On that basis we have changed the date to between Spring 1912 and Spring 1914 – though we are always open to other comments (maybe it isn’t Lonergan after all). If confirmed, we will need volunteers to contact all the other sites that have this photo listed as 1915 – to tell them their date is incorrect 🙂

If this photo is of interest to you, you must take the time to read all comments and click on all the links. You will learn a lot. And in fact you will see that we are still looking for confirmation of location. (Hint hint – nudge nudge)

Photographer: Keogh Brothers Ltd., photographers

Contributors: Keogh Brothers Ltd

Collection: Keogh Photographic Collection

Date: Listed as "ca 1915", but likely between Spring 1912 & Spring 1914 NLI Ref: Ke 212

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