Novel about Jewish-Palestinian love affair is barred from Israeli curriculum


Government accused of censorship after reportedly saying the award-winning Borderlife by Dorit Rabinyan risked damaging the ‘identity of the nation’

A novel about a love affair between a Jewish woman and a Palestinian man has been barred from Israel’s high school curriculum, reportedly over concerns that it could encourage intermarriage between Jews and non-Jews.

The rejection of Dorit Rabinyan’s novel Borderlife, which was published in 2014, created an uproar in Israel, with critics accusing the government of censorship.

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Afghan Women’s Writing Project | Impossible Desire

I want to be born again,
in a place where there is peace.
I want to born again where I could live more simply;
where I would know the route for my life—
where I would be able to laugh and get excited
to ride a bicycle in the road,
in the rain.
I want to be born again;
and live like a bird, fly over the blue sky
free from every bond.
I want to be a singer
shouting my pain out of my heart.
I want to be a painter with a paintbrush in my hand,
painting the oldest tree of the city,
or a rainbow after rain.
I want to be a poet
disappearing in the world of words,
or in the village with small garden,
with a gray cat lying under sun.
But I know I will not be born again…
I was born in the shadow of war and
I will die in the shadow of war.

By Farida

Photo by Argya Diptya

Source: Afghan Women’s Writing Project | Impossible Desire

Israel bans novel on Arab-Jewish love story | News | DW.COM | 31.12.2015

Israeli author Dorit Rabinyan holds her novel ‘Borderlife’The book, ”

The book, “Borderlife,” by the Israeli author Dorit Rabinyan, tells the story of Liat, an Israeli translator, and Hilmi, a Palestinian artist, who meet in New York and fall in love. Eventually, they go their separate ways, as she has to return to Tel Aviv and the to the West Bank city of Ramallah.

“Intimate relations between Jews and non-Jews threaten the separate identity of each sector,” the Education Ministry said in a statement, adding that “young adolescents don’t have the systemic view that includes considerations involving maintaining the national, ethnic identity of the people and the significance of miscegenation.”



Preventing fruitful debate

However, many cultural figures in Israel, and even high school pupils themselves, tend to disagree.

“I know I may not represent the opinion of all the students, but I personally think it’s pretty stupid to ban the book,” Noa, a 17-year-old student from Haifa, told DW. “What happens now is that it created such a stir that our teacher is forced to talk about the book with us, because we keep asking her about it,” she adds.

Source: Israel bans novel on Arab-Jewish love story | News | DW.COM | 31.12.2015

Freak heatwave pushes North Pole’s winter temperatures above freezing – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Canadian weather authorities blamed the temperature spike on the freak depression which has already brought record Christmas temperatures to North America and lashed Britain with winds and floods.The deep low pressure area is currently looming over Iceland and churning up hurricane-force 75-knot winds and nine-metre waves in the north Atlantic while dragging warm air northwards.”It’s a very violent and extremely powerful depression, so it’s not surprising that hot temperatures have been pushed so far north,” Canadian Government meteorologist Nathalie Hasell said.”This deep depression has pushed hot air as far as the North Pole, where temperatures are at least 20 degrees above normal, at around freezing point, between zero and 2 degrees Celsius,” she said.US scientists from the North Pole Environmental Observatory told AFP news agency that the temperatures had climbed suddenly.An Arctic monitoring point 300 kilometres from the Pole that had been recording -37C on Monday had shot up to -8C by Wednesday, senior researcher James Morison said.The polar region is the area of the world that has seen the most profound effects of climate change in recent decades.Average year-round temperatures in the Arctic are 3C higher than they were in the pre-industrial era, snowfall is heavier, winds are stronger and the ice sheet has been shrinking for 30 years.Ms Hasell said that Canada had not kept complete records of North Pole weather but that it was nonetheless “bizarre” to see such high temperatures on the ice pack in the middle of its long night.After tormenting the North Atlantic, the depression is expected to head towards Russia’s Siberia, where the inhabitants can expect a heatwave of sorts.

Source: Freak heatwave pushes North Pole’s winter temperatures above freezing – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

2015 Year in Pictures: Part II

Photographs from July – December on a range of topics from arouund the world. ( see Part I )

By Lloyd Young
Pensioners try to get a number to enter inside a bank in Athens, on July 1. About 1,000 bank branches around the country were ordered by the government to reopen to help desperate pensioners without ATM cards cash up to 120 euros ($134) from their retirement checks.

(Daniel Ochoa de Olza/Associated Press)

Mimi Writes…….: New Year’s Eve 2015 ~ Praying In The Parking Lot

We illuminate our paths with decorations of peace.Whether or not that’s what we call it, that’s what it is. There’s much more good going on in the world at large than we give ourselves credit for. Keep lighting up your world, your windows, your gatherings. Make a pew anywhere you land.And pray wherever you sit. My New Year’s Peace Prayer was different this year.But I wasn’t alone.And neither are you. I’d say that’s just about perfect.

Source: Mimi Writes…….: New Year’s Eve 2015 ~ Praying In The Parking Lot