Duty of state govts to ban cow slaughter: Union minister Jyoti – The Times of India

“Intolerance is a issue that was created with political motive to malign us ahead of the Bihar poll. It was pre- planned and that is why you can’t see any protest after the results are out,” Jyoti told PTI. Jyoti, who is Union minister of state for food processing industries, said that it was the neutral votes that made all the difference in the Bihar poll. “It is the 5-10 per cent neutral votes that made the difference in Bihar. After coming to power at the Centre, we have won several states. I give my best wishes to Nitish Kumarji,” Jyoti said. On writers returning their awards in protest against ‘intolerance’, she said, “I have immense respect for the writers, but awards should not have been returned.” “Awards are not just a token of honour. But it is an honour from the entire country. So if you are returning the award then you are dishonouring the country. “If it is due to an issue, then it was there earlier too during the Sikh riots and Bhagalpur riots. Politics should not have been brought into it. There has been politics regarding this thing (returning of awards),” she said. Jyoti said that the Dadri lynching was a case of law and order failure on the part of the Samajwadi Party government in Uttar Pradesh. “This incident should not have happened. It is a law and order problem, which is a state subject. If the state had taken action, then such situation wouldn’t have happened. Instead of taking action, they are blaming us,” she said.

Source: Duty of state govts to ban cow slaughter: Union minister Jyoti – The Times of India

Eco-protesters delay German environment minister Hendrick′s train to Paris | News | DW.COM | 28.11.2015

As Hendrick’s train pulled into Frankfurt station on Saturday en route to the French capital, protesters chained themselves to the railway tracks, police said.Others descended by ropes onto the train, which stopped in Europe’s financial capital en route from Berlin where Germany’s environment minister and her 30-strong entourage had boarded.Hendricks and her team were traveling to Paris for the global climate change conference which gets underway on Monday.German journalist Harriett Wolf tweeted that as the demonstrators had refused to come down, officers had no choice but to climb onto the train’s roof.

Source: Eco-protesters delay German environment minister Hendrick′s train to Paris | News | DW.COM | 28.11.2015

RIP to Cynthia Robinson of Sly & the Family Stone | 3CHICSPOLITICO

RIP and get up and dance to the music!

Cynthia Robinson stood out in a band in which every member stood out. She was a funky high priestess wielding a trumpet like a thaumaturgic ramsinga. And she wore a crown, a black afro, that was epic in its sculpted glory. Her presence was majestic. She was one of the first black women trumpet players in a rock band and set the tone for others to follow. But beyond the music, Robinson was commanding figure, not content to stay in the shadows. She was the one that implored us to “get up and dance to the music” and showed us how it was done. Robinson died of cancer this past Monday.

Source: RIP to Cynthia Robinson of Sly & the Family Stone | 3CHICSPOLITICO

Israeli government to open a diplomatic office in IRENA, Abu Dhabi


Yesterday early morning, the Israeli newspaper Haaretz released in first hand that the Israeli government will open its first diplomatic mission in the United Arab Emirates capital, Abu Dhabi.

However, the diplomatic mission will be accredited to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), after years of discussions, not as a “normal style” Embassy.

It is the first official Israeli presence in Abu Dhabi, even though the two countries have no diplomatic relations.

Emmanuel Nahshon, a spokesman for the Israeli foreign ministry, denied that the mission meant that Israeli government and the UAE had now established diplomatic relations, as stated by Al Jaazera.

He stressed that the Israeli diplomatic representative will be accredited to IRENA only, not the UAE’s foreign ministry.

“We only have an accredited diplomat to represent Israel at IRENA, which is an international organisation that happened to be based in Abu Dhabi,” adding that, “the representative will be a resident diplomat in Abu Dhabi with IRENA only”.

According to Haaretz, “a senior official in Jerusalem reported that diplomat Rami Hatan has been appointed to head the Israeli legation, and will depart for Abu Dhabi in the near future.”

In a statement quoted by the UAE’s official news agency WAM, Maryam al-Falasi, the director of communications at the ministry, said that “any agreement between IRENA and Israel does not represent any change in the position of the UAE or its relations with Israel”.

“In January 2010, Uzi Landau, Israel’s minister for infrastructure, participated in an IRENA conference in Abu Dhabi, marking the first time an Israeli cabinet minister had visited the UAE.

One month later, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, a leading Hamas militant, was assassinated in Dubai. News of the incident reverberated around the globe. Dubai police investigators accused the Israel’s Mossad espionage agency of the assassination, and even published photographs of members of the hit team.

The affair led to enormous tension between the UAE and Israel, even at a time when there were no diplomatic relations between them”, as state by Haaretz.

Across the Arab world, Israel only maintains embassies in Egypt and Jordan. Israeli passport holders are barred from entering the UAE. The UAE, along with other Arab countries, does not have diplomatic ties with Israel and remains opposed to its occupation of Palestine.

IOF stormed into Youth Against Settlements Center in Hebron | PNN

Yesterday evening, Israeli occupation forces arrested two activists from the local activist group Youth Against Settlement (YAS) in Hebron. Illegal settlers, under the protection of the IOF, closed the YAS center, the Soumud house, trapping everyone inside.According to the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), the IOF stormed the house in the evening around 7 pm, and arrested 16-year old Ahmad al-Azzeh, accusing him of ‘having a knife’.Ahmad Al-azzeh being arrested by the IOF. Photo by: Youth Against SettlementsIsraeli soldiers also arrested Issa Amro, the YAS coordinator, under the accusation of ‘disturbing the soldiers’ and ‘hiding a terrorist in his house’. Issa Amro was detained in a bathroom for more than four hours, with his hands cuffed behind his back and blindfolded. He was interrogated for long periods of time, as stated by ISM.Issa Amro being arrested by the IOF. Photo by: Youth Against SettlementsWhereas Issa Amro was released after more than 5 and a half hours, Ahmad al-Azzeh’s arrest was extended for another 4 days. He has been arrested merely on a soldier’s accusation of ‘seeing him with a knife’. “This ridiculous allegation is clearly a means to intimidate the whole group and on the long run force them to leave the area”, the ISM reported on their website.After the arrest, settlers from the nearby illegal settlement approached the Soumud house, protesting and demanding Israeli occupation forces to close it immediately, as stated by the ISM. Groups of settlers have been outside the center the whole evening, and even brought mattresses to sleep in front of the house’s door the whole night.Everyone there, thus, was trapped inside without a possibility to leave. The whole time, Israeli soldiers present in large numbers allowed the settlers to do as they pleased, without ever intervening. A group of about 30 settlers camped outside the Soumud house, thus laying a siege to it and forcing everyone inside to spent the night there. As of Saturday, 28th November 10:30am, settlers are still outside the center, according to ISM.

Source: IOF stormed into Youth Against Settlements Center in Hebron | PNN

Top Kurdish rights defender in Turkey shot and killed | News | DW.COM | 28.11.2015

A prominent Kurdish lawyer and human rights defender has been killed in Turkey after making a pro-peace press statement in the city of Diyarbakir. It is unclear who was behind the attack.

Source: Top Kurdish rights defender in Turkey shot and killed | News | DW.COM | 28.11.2015