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I scream in silence

For the nonstop violence

Against Afghan women

The barbarism, extremism, wildness

I don’t know where to start

Should I write about Kabul

Or let me first cry for Zabul

We saw beheaded people, innocent

Such cruelty and violence continues

This time, those cruel hands

Beheaded a small flower

A nine-year-old girl

I don’t know what to write

The tears fall


by drop

by drop.

By Pari

Source: Afghan Women’s Writing Project | Our Tears Fall

The Catholic Bishops: fight terrorism without “duplicity” – Fides News Agency

Jerusalem (Agenzia Fides) – Time has come for the world to stand united against terrorism, and to confront the reasons of terrorism such as feelings of “oppression, hatred, bad education and fanaticism”, with no “double-standards”. These are the realistic suggestions contained in the statement issued by the Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land, to express condolences before the “attacks in Beirut and Paris”, where innocent lives were again killed by a “culture of death which opposes God’s and humans’ laws”.In the statement, released by the official bodies of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem and sent to Agenzia Fides, the Catholic Bishops of the Holy Land recall the urgent need to join forces of all Countries and followers of all religions against violence which hits the world within increased brutality. “Otherwise – the statement said – it will hit us sooner or later”. The Bishops of the Holy Land concluded their message by praying to the Almighty “for terror preachers, so they backtrack and regret what they do”. (GV) (Agenzia Fides 16/11/2015)

Source: The Catholic Bishops: fight terrorism without “duplicity” – Fides News Agency

Ashrawi: Netanyahu is cynically exploiting the tragic events in Paris by deliberately creating a false analogy and a fraudulent linkage


In response to media inquiries, PLO Executive Committee Member Dr. Hanan Ashrawi commented:

“In his recent statement, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is cynically exploiting the pain of the innocent victims of Daesh terrorism in Paris in order to create a misleading linkage and to justify Israeli state terror against the Palestinian people, while presenting Israel as the victim. In fact, Israel is an occupying power, and the Israelis who are in Palestine are either soldiers of the occupation army or illegal settlers colonizing the land.

The Israeli occupation has habitually terrorized Palestinian civilians, stolen their land and resources and demolished their homes; yet Netanyahu disingenuously claims self-defense while labeling any form of Palestinian reaction as “terrorism.” Nowhere is a people under occupation held responsible for the safety and protection of its occupiers, and nowhere else is a ruthless occupier presenting itself as the victim and justifying its atrocities as self-defense.

The military occupation is an ongoing aggression targeting Palestinians viciously and relentlessly while enjoying full impunity. Netanyahu is attempting to exploit the cruel and inhuman terrorism of Daesh in order to score cheap political points at the expense of the Palestinian people.

His statements are not only fraudulent and politically coercive, they are symptomatic of political and moral bankruptcy.”

Commentary: Turning our backs on migrant children isn’t solving the immigration issue | Latina Lista

Yes, let’s turn back the thousands of men, women, children and babies floating across the Mediterranean in overcrowded rafts and hiking miles and miles in the open elements, with their worldly possessions strapped to their backs, fleeing certain death and throwing themselves on the mercy and compassion of the rest of the world, because a few of them could turn out to be terrorists.That rationale makes as much sense as continuing to keep asylum-seeking Central American children and their mothers in detention facilities because…they pose a threat to U.S. society?The hard truth is those who are intent to do harm will find a way to either do it themselves or indoctrinate like-minded believers who may already live within a certain country. Yet, those who are in need of a new home or refuge, have no other recourse than to depend on their fellow human beings. That’s especially true of the children. Children are the face of the 21st Century international migration crisis. To think that it’s ok to deny them a safe future in this world is as barbaric an act as any atrocity committed by a terrorist because when these children are turned away, their days can be literally numbered.Reports have surfaced that some of the asylum-seeking Central American children who had been detained and later deported back to their home countries of El Salvador, Honduras or Guatemala were murdered after returning — the reason why they fled their native countries in the first place and asked U.S. authorities for help. Isolationism isn’t a quality of a great nation, nor is fear of what could happen. But what will happen in a country that, not only recognizes the life-threatening reasons forcing children and their families to flee their homes, but actively works to include them in their society, is a whole new generation who won’t just call their adopted country home but be among their most ardent defenders.

Source: Commentary: Turning our backs on migrant children isn’t solving the immigration issue | Latina Lista » Blog Archive » Not in Our Name: Southern California Muslims Gather To Discuss the Terrorist Attacks…& Their Fears of Reprisal

YOUNG LOS ANGELES MUSLIMS EXPRESS SORROW, ANGER AND WORRYWhen a large and frightening terrorist attack occurs, like the attacks in Paris and in Beirut, we are all deeply shaken—and angry.For many U.S. Muslims, however, there is the additional worry that some of their fellow countrymen and women will conflate ISIS with Islam in the wake of the attacks.On Saturday night, young Muslim Americans gathered in Los Angeles at the Islamic Center of Southern California to listen to speakers on the topic, then to talk about their own anger at ISIS and their personal fears about backlash,Still earlier in the day, there was a press conference at ICSC, featuring various local Muslim luminaries, including Dr. Najeeba Syeed, an award winning Assistant Professor of Interreligious Education at the Claremont College of Theology, who is known for her skill at conflict resolution.“We are in solidarity with you. Parisians, we are in solidarity with you.” said Dr. Syeed, her voice full of emotion.Similar sentiments were express in a notice on the ICSC website calling members to the Saturday evening meeting, and to the candlelight vigil that occurred earlier. “As Muslims, we unequivocally condemn ISIS and its latest heartless, faithless act of terrorism that has killed over 120 innocent people, injured scores more and betrayed Islam’s core teachings and values, ” read the notice.

Source: » Blog Archive » Not in Our Name: Southern California Muslims Gather To Discuss the Terrorist Attacks…& Their Fears of Reprisal

GOP Governors Refusing Refugees Are Creating The Terrorists Of The Future

Government officials have rarely been known for their ability to think in terms of the long game—or at least a game plan that extends beyond their current and prospective terms of office. As proof of the politician’s proclivity for shortsightedness, today we have learned that sixteen state governors  (Oklahoma joined the […]

United States green-lights sale of bombs to Saudi Arabia | News | DW.COM | {Insanity!}

The sale of the more than 19,000 bombs and smart bombs would help Saudi Arabia restock the armaments it has used in its operation against the Houthi militia in Yemen and air strikes against “Islamic State” positions in Syria, US officials familiar with the deal said on Monday.

Source: United States green-lights sale of bombs to Saudi Arabia | News | DW.COM | 16.11.2015