Change education system to improve humans’ inner quality: Dalai Lama – The Times of India

The Dalai Lama was speaking at the first-ever Abdul Kalam Seva Ratna awards organised by the Madras Management Association in association with Abdul Kalam Vision India Movement at Music Academy. Lamenting that people of his generation had created a lot of problems on the planet, he said it was up to members of the present generation to find solutions and build a happy 21st century. “Man made the problems but we also have the ability to reduce them and eventually eliminate them. We need a sense of oneness. Different views, faith, and things like race/caste are minor issues. What we need to remember is that we all are humans and have the same right to achieve a happy life,” he said. Recalling his first few visits to the city in the 1950s and 1960s, he pointed to the sharp increase in the number of constructions this time. “There is extreme modernisation in the world but people should also have a peaceful mind. People live in big houses but there is a lot of tension within them. Material development provides only physical comfort but modernisation does not necessarily bring us inner peace.” Saying India had the potential to bring about this peace, he said it was the only country where all major traditions live together and the 3000 years of Indian culture was rooted in non-violence and religious harmony.

Source: Change education system to improve humans’ inner quality: Dalai Lama – The Times of India

Greenpeace India to Appeal Cancellation of Legal Registration | News | PND

While the notice of cancellation came from the Registrar of Societies in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, where Greenpeace India is registered, the environmental group has indicated it believes the Ministry of Home Affairs is behind the move. In September, a High Court judge blocked a separate attempt by the ministry to cancel the organization’s license to receive international funds under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, granting the organization an interim eight-week stay. Greenpeace India’s license had been suspended and its bank accounts frozen since April.The cancellation of the organization’s legal registration is seen by many as the latest example of an ongoing government clampdown on foreign-based or -funded NGOs whose work it sees as opposed to its economic agenda.

Source: Greenpeace India to Appeal Cancellation of Legal Registration | News | PND

Afghan Women’s Writing Project | Please Hear Me

I cannot breathe in this atmosphere

Let’s run away from here

I cannot live with an old man

Let’s go out of here together

Hey… you are my love

I want to live with you

Not with an old man

Our love is like a pure dove

Oh… no

There are people searching for us

They want to kill us

Hurry up…Just run …

I found them

Let’s kill them

Why did you run away with a boy?

We know you felt all the joys.

Come take stones

They should not go back

Alive to their homes

They are sinners

Don’t throw the stone

Let me go back home

I am not a sinner

I am just a lover

I love that boy, I want to get married

I am honest, that is not a sinto break the vow

I am engaged in

I ran away with my love

Don’t throw the stone

I didn’t do wrong

Please hear my sound

Please remember your own past

Didn’t you commit the wrong?

Didn’t you commit the sin?

Please don’t throw the stones

Let me go back home

By Zahra H.

Source: Afghan Women’s Writing Project | Please Hear Me

Yemen Braces for Another Cyclone : Image of the Day

For the second time in a week, a major cyclone moved toward the Arabian Peninsula and the nation of Yemen. To have a cyclone or hurricane hit any nation twice in a week is not a common occurrence; to have two storms to hit one region of the Middle East is unprecedented. Only three cyclones have made landfall on the Peninsula across six decades of records.Cyclone Megh has already battered Socotra, an island off the Yemeni coast in the Arabian Sea. The storm passed over the island on November 8, 2015, with estimated wind speeds approaching 125 miles per hour. U.S. Navy forecasters predict that Megh will make landfall near Aden, on the mainland of Yemen, on November 10. The winds are likely to be tropical storm force by then, though the system should drop copious amounts of rain on the desert nation. Rainfall last week led to extensive flooding in central and eastern Yemen.

Source: Yemen Braces for Another Cyclone : Image of the Day

William Shatner sets sights on Star Trek musical


Captain Kirk actor says he would like to be involved in 50th anniversary celebration and suggests it could be a musical or variety show

William Shatner hopes to arrange a show to celebrate 50 years of Star Trek – and it could even be a musical.

The 84-year-old, who played Captain Kirk when the television series launched in 1966, is trying to organise an show for Star Trek’s half century anniversary next year.

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UK surveillance bill could bring ‘very dire consequences’, warns Apple chief | World news | The Guardian

‘Any back door is a back door for everyone,’ says Tim Cook of proposals to allow authorities to track citizens’ internet use without requiring warrant

Source: UK surveillance bill could bring ‘very dire consequences’, warns Apple chief | World news | The Guardian

56 Rare Historical Vintage Photos You May Never Seen Before

Rare historical vintage photos that you may never seen before.

1. A boxing match on board the USS Oregon in 1897.


2. An airman being captured by Vietnamese in Truc Bach Lake, Hanoi in 1967. The airman is John McCain.


3. Samurai warriors taken between 1860 and 1880.


4. A shell-shocked reindeer looks on as war planes drop bombs on Russia in 1941.


5. Walt Disney on the day they opened Disney Studios.


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