The World’s Tightest Cluster of People | DQ-en

With the help of Ken Teoh, a remarkable SEAC Summer intern (a Wharton School student at the time) I this month showed that Ken Myers’s guess turned out to be remarkably close to the 2015 optimum. Of course, populations in different parts of our planet shift over time but in 2015, using population data with 100 km resolution on Earth’s surface, the smallest circle on our planet containing a majority of the world turns out to be that circle centred near Mong Khet, in Myanmar, with great-circle distance 3,300km.That’s the conclusion. Details and code will be made available presently. But to see the result a little more clearly, here’s a 3-d interactive animation of where, if the world were a democracy, it would make decisions of global significance.

Source: The World’s Tightest Cluster of People | DQ-en