Threatening Anti-Gay Flyers Surface In Jackson Heights

Threatening Anti-Gay Flyers Surface In Jackson Heights The NYPD is trying to determine the source of a smattering of anti-gay flyers that appeared on car windshields and apartment doors throughout Jackson Heights during the last weekend in August, quoting a particularly offensive translation of Romans 1:18-32 which states that “Men committing shameless acts with men… deserve to die.” [ more › ]





Don’t sit back. Don’t relax.

Silvia Writes


I wasn’t going to join my husband and son for a visit to Universal Studios Hollywood yesterday. Having taken my son to his end-of-season basketball celebration Saturday morning, I thought I’d let the boys do Universal Studios while I work on my next novel and relax.

The notion of a peaceful and comfortable afternoon soon occupied my mind to such extent, it was all I could think about. The idea of visiting a popular attraction park in the middle of summer sounded extremely uncomfortable.

But …

It was also an opportunity to spend the afternoon with the two most important people in my life: getting on rides and acting silly, having lunch and dinner, getting splashed in the water-fun zone, laughing, and having a great time. Together.

Soon, another thought occupied my mind to a greater extent: best things in life – especially family – take a lot of work.

It’s easy…

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