Ultra-Orthodox Israeli Stabs 6 at a Gay Pride Parade for Second Time, Police Say – The New York Times

An ultra-Orthodox Jewish man who had recently been released from prison after serving 10 years for stabbing participants in the annual Gay Pride Parade here in 2005 struck again Thursday, stabbing and wounding six marchers in this year’s parade, according to the police.

Two of the victims were in serious condition, according to the emergency services. The assailant, Yishai Schlissel, was pinned to the ground on a central Jerusalem street and arrested by police officers who were stationed along the route, the police said.

Mr. Schlissel wounded three marchers a decade ago and was convicted of attempted murder. He was said to have told the police that he had come “to kill in the name of God.” The Israeli news media reported that he was released from prison three weeks ago.

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Bailout Money Goes to Greece, Only to Flow Out Again – The New York Times

The latest financial aid package is following a similar pattern to the previous ones. Only a fraction of the money, should Greece get it, will go toward healing the economy. Nearly 90 percent would go toward debts, interest and supporting Greece’s ailing banks.

The European Commission has offered to set aside an additional €35 billion development aid package to jump-start the economy. But the funds are difficult to obtain and will become available only in small trickles later in the year.

Greeks understandably feel that the latest bailout package is not likely to benefit them very much.

“The bailout is mostly going to banks and our creditors,” said Nikos Kalaboyias, 54, a grocery store owner in central Athens who said his clients had stopped shopping for all but the most basic goods, putting the business he has run for more than a decade in jeopardy.

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“The Migrant Crisis” The real issue here is inconvenienced British holidaymakers

Media Diversified

by Maya Goodfellow 

On Tuesday night a man was crushed to death by a truck in Calais. The next morning, David Cameron offered the following condolences: “I have every sympathy with holidaymakers who are finding access to Calais difficult because of the disturbances there”. The Prime Minister made no mention of the young, as yet unnamed, Sudanese man who had been killed risking his life to make it to the UK. Nor was there space in Cameron’s statement to speak about the 1,500 other desperate people who had attempted to make it through the Channel Tunnel the night of this man’s death. Although they were, we assume, “the disturbance” he references. That’s because these people are refugees and migrants; their lives don’t matter.

Calais-migrantsSince 1st June, nine other people have died in Calais. Among the dead are Ganet, a twenty three year old woman from Eritrea who…

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Moon Diet Plan: Extended Version

The extended moon diet plan covers all phases of the moon. As the light and power of the moon waxes and wanes, it exerts different forces and effects on the human body. In addition to the fasting days during the full and new moon (basic moon diet), there are other guidelines you can follow during these other phases to take full advantage of the moon’s influence.

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