Umatilla Shoni Schimmel Scores 13 Points in WNBA All-Star Game


Shoni scores 13 points and leads team with 6 assists

UNCASVILLE, CONNECTICUT— Atlanta Dream guard Shoni Schimmel donned an Eastern Conference jersey and brought her “Rez Ball” style of play Saturday afternoon in the 2015 WNBA Boost All-Star Game played at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut. The Western Conference won 117-112 over the Eastern Conference.

A 5’9” guard, Schimmel scored 13 points and had a team-high six assists. Schimmel shot 5-of-14 from the field, including 3-of-10 from 3-point range. She played 25:39 of game time in her second consecutive start in an all-star game.

Schimmel, who is a tribal citizen of the Confederated Tribes of Umatilla, is a “rock star” among American Indians. The former Louisville Cardinal is in her second year of her professional basketball career.

She is also popular among non-Natives for her skills. Schimmel, who was the most valuable player of the 2014 WNBA All-Star Game, was second among all Eastern Conference guards with 8,881 votes in online voting among fans, which ranked sixth amongst WNBA players overall.

“I just play my own game, and for me to do that, it’s fun,” Schimmel told the media after the game. “To go out there and play with the best of the best, they might catch (unique passes), they might not. But everybody else sees it. It’s fun.”

“Just going out there and having fun – that’s what it’s all about,” Schimmel said.

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We Are Rebels: Western Sahara

Western Sahara, bordering Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania and the Atlantic Ocean, is the last remaining colony in Africa still waiting for its independence. Despite a rich history, the Sahrawi people today find themselves deprived of the fundamental right to have a land on which to live in peace and freedom. In one of the most hostile regions to human life across the planet, Western Sahara is also a rich country; its resources consist of large amounts of phosphates and abundant fish stocks among others.

After the withdrawal of Spain in 1975, neighboring Morocco illegally invaded the territory, forcing its indigenous population, the Sahrawi people, to live under occupation or face exile. Since then, the Sahrawi people have been divided between two lands. Those living in the “Occupied Zone,” endure an occupation violently imposed on them by the Moroccan government. Those who fled during Morocco’s initial attacks reside today in the refugee camps in the Algerian desert or within a narrow strip of barren land. This “Liberated Territory” of Western Sahara is flanked by a wall built by Morocco and armed with a standing military, electronic sensors, and buried landmines.

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Greece, the Sacrificial Lamb – The New York Times And Scapegoat for EU Bankers

AS the Greek crisis proceeds to its next stage, Germany, Greece and the triumvirate of the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank and the European Commission (now better known as the troika) have all faced serious criticism. While there is plenty of blame to share, we shouldn’t lose sight of what is really going on. I’ve been watching this Greek tragedy closely for five years, engaged with those on all sides. Having spent the last week in Athens talking to ordinary citizens, young and old, as well as current and past officials, I’ve come to the view that this is about far more than just Greece and the euro.

Some of the basic laws demanded by the troika deal with taxes and expenditures and the balance between the two, and some deal with the rules and regulations affecting specific markets. What is striking about the new program (called “the third memorandum”) is that on both scores it makes no sense either for Greece or for its creditors.

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Editorial: How the Euro Turned Into a TrapJULY 25, 2015

Op-Ed Contributor: Why Greece Should Leave the EurozoneJULY 24, 2015

As I read the details, I had a sense of déjà vu. As chief economist of the World Bank in the late 1990s, I saw firsthand in East Asia the devastating effects of the programs imposed on the countries that had turned to the I.M.F. for help. This resulted not just from austerity but also from so-called structural reforms, where too often the I.M.F. was duped into imposing demands that favored one special interest relative to others. There were hundreds of conditions, some little, some big, many irrelevant, some good, some outright wrong, and most missing the big changes that were really required.

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“I was the stereotypical kid from Harlem. I was a good student…


“I was the stereotypical kid from Harlem. I was a good student until 4th grade, but then I started going down the wrong path. My friends started making fun of me for raising my hand too much, so I stopped participating in class. Instead of playing on the playground, I followed my friends and went to steal bikes. I had no direction by the time I finished high school. So I decided joined the army. To my surprise, I placed in the 96th percentile on the entrance exam. My superior officer recommended that I stay late and study for advancement, so I did. Then he recommended that I go to City College, so I did. I just finished twenty years of service, and now I want to go to law school. Sometimes I look back and think that the army took the young years of my life. But I was going nowhere. If the army hadn’t taken my youth, I wouldn’t have these older years.”

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“Serving in the army, you can say that I was a pawn in another…


“Serving in the army, you can say that I was a pawn in another person’s game. But you can say the same thing about someone that works at JP Morgan. Sometimes it seemed like the elites were playing chess with our lives. They trained me to jump out of planes and kill people. I didn’t have anything against the Iraqis. I wasn’t fighting against them. I was fighting to get home to my family. So was I a pawn? Maybe. But if it weren’t for the higher-ranking people in the military who saw potential in me, and encouraged me to get an education and become a leader, I’d never even have achieved broad enough horizons to ask these types of questions.”

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misscladwell:The role of Hedwig is ‘‘everything I’ve ever…








The role of Hedwig is ‘‘everything I’ve ever wished for,’’ he said. Then he turned, in what seems unusual for him, ferocious: ‘‘This is me telling myself, ‘O.K., bitch, put your money where your mouth is. You’ve been telling agents and your best friends — I told Idina — ‘I want a chance to show everybody everything. I can dance and I can sing, and everybody knows I can act.’ ’’ (<a href=”

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The role of Hedwig is ‘‘everything I’ve ever….