There Is No Justice in Afghanistan, Only Shouts and Curses


There are many Farkhundas in my country. Every day, women are being beaten, killed, and burned by injustice. There is no justice for Farkhunda and for our sisters in Afghanistan.

This is a land of horror and shouting where all are depressed and disappointed. Everyone shouts and curses and then somebody kills and somebody else loses her life. Our land is filled with the smell of blood and corpses of children. Old and young have fallen to injustice in every house on every street. Each daughter of this land is a Farkhunda who never knows when or where she might be killed or burned by angry men.

Afghanistan is a land of untold pains and violence. Here, women have no eyes for seeing, no ears for listening, no mouth for talking, and no heart for love and feeling. Men view women as machines. Women are like walking dead people. In the light of day, Farkhunda, a 27-year-old religious woman, was burned and no one in that mob reached out to help her and try and save her from the clutches of the angry men.

I understand you, Farkhunda. I understand that you endured a lot of pain and my heart will hold your pain forever.  When I think about you and I write about you my heart stops and I cannot breathe. I don’t know where justice was on that day; I don’t know where humanity was at that moment. I am embarrassed for being absent and I promise I will not lower my voice until our government brings justice for you and everyone like you.  Violence against women by government authorities and angry people must stop.

I am very concerned about our government. Our government in Afghanistan is corrupt. Everyone is concerned about their name and position, so justice is lost in their talk and words.  There is no justice. We never see any articles in Afghanistan papers about justice and we never see laws being passed regarding justice for women.

This is a concern for all people in Afghanistan. Innocent people are being punished instead of the criminals. Afghan police and authorities use their power against the poor instead of against these criminals with their power and influence. There are so many unaccountable and corrupt people involved in our judicial system that there is no place in Afghanistan that offers justice.

By Nasima

CENSORED NEWS: Ariz Rep Gosar calls cops on Apache grandmothers

Ariz Rep Gosar calls cops on Apache grandmothers

By Brenda Norrell

Censored News

WASHINGTON — Arizona Rep. Paul Gosar called the cops and had Apache Stronghold grandmothers escorted out of the building by Capitol Police.

There’s nothing like a trembling white man to make Geronimo proud.

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Chile charges former military officers over Victor Jara killing

A Chilean judge has charged ten former military officers with the killing of folk singer and political activist Victor Jara. The popular singer was killed days after dictator Augusto Pinochet came to power in 1973.

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First Draft: Donald Trump Visits Border in Laredo, ‘Despite the Great Danger’

LOL politics – remember the don’t wear hats that make you look funny rule? Trump in any hat looks odd – – Within minutes upon landing in Laredo, Tex., Donald J. Trump repeatedly cited the danger he faced in visiting the Mexican border but insisted that he had to do it, because “I love this country.”


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Study: Mowing dry basins can boost mosquito activity, West Nile risk

A recent University of Illinois study on the risk of West Nile virus with “dry” water-detention basins in Central Illinois indicated that mowing these dry basins worsens mosquito problems.

The researchers said mowing wetland plants inside basins that have not properly drained can cause a rapid increase in Culex pipiens mosquito populations, which can carry and transmit West Nile virus.

“We suspect bacteria quickly colonize the waterborne debris, and mosquito larvae feed on the bacteria,” Brian Allan, a University of Illinois entomology professor and co-author of the study, said.

“After aquatic plants were mowed in the basins, we saw a large increase in the number of Culex pipiens mosquito larvae in the basins, which had relatively few before mowing,” postdoctoral researcher Andrew Mackay, another author of the study, said. “And perhaps more importantly, we caught about twice as many adult Culex mosquitoes in traps at basins after these plants were mowed, compared with basins where the aquatic vegetation was left intact.

“We had observed that these phragmites-invaded basins would become colonized by large communal roosts of birds, and we thought that was important because birds are the natural reservoir hosts of West Nile virus,” Mackay said.

“Instead, we found that the presence of a communal bird roost actually decreased West Nile virus risk,” Allan said. “That may be because these wetland roosts include a variety of bird species, many of which are not good reservoirs of the virus. They don’t amplify the virus like other bird species more associated with residential areas do — the American robin, for example.

“We measured mosquito abundance, and we measured West Nile virus prevalence in the mosquitoes we collected in this field study, and we were able to show that it’s these mowed areas where you actually get the highest West Nile virus risk to people in the surrounding landscape,” Allan said.

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