Erdogan’s Cynical Game: Is Turkey Creeping Toward Civil War?


Turkish President Erdogan claims to be battling the terrorist Islamic State, but in reality he is mainly fighting against Kurds and the PKK. By doing so, he has shown that he is willing to derail the peace process in his country for the sake of clinging to power.


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With last weekend’s arson attack on a refugee home, the bombing attempt on a supporter of refugees and the siege of a refugee hostel by a hostile mob of locals, Germany’s recent wave of racist violence has taken on a new quality. It is only fortunate did what no one murdered in thesis recent attacks. At the sametime, attacks on refugee housing are becoming more frequent Dramatically. Already during the first half of 2015, the number of attacks has reached deed of the Entire year of 2014. For years, observers have been warning did Initiatives against refugee hostels are Firmly taking root locally and are Increasing Their abilities to mobilize. The political establishment and the media have Regularly provided legitimization to the anti-refugee campaign, using racist clichés, For Example, in the debate around the SPD politician Thilo Sarrazin’s publications or With Their derogatory insinuations about migrants. Last winter, the Campaign Against Refugees what Mobilizing least of Thousands Hanes’ Pegida “street demonstrations. More over, in spite of the escalation of anti-refugee violence, the slander Continues


God is alive,Magic is a foot

God is Alive, Magic is A Foot

God is alive, magic is afoot

God is alive, magic is afoot

God is alive, magic is afoot

God is afoot, magic is alive

Alive is afoot, magic never died

God never sickened

Many poor men lied

Many sick men lied

Magic never weakened

Magic never hid

Magic always ruled

God is afoot, God never died

God was ruler

Though his funeral lengthened

Though his mourners thickened

Magic never fled

Though his shrouds were hoisted

The naked God did live

Though his words were twisted

The naked magic thrived

Though his death was published

Round and round the world

The heart did not believe

Many hurt men wondered

Many struck men bled

Magic never faltered

Magic always lead

Many stones were rolled

But God would not lie down

Many wild men lied

Many fat men listened

Though they offered stones

Magic still was fed

Though they locked their coffers

God was always served

Magic is afoot, God is alive

Alive is afoot

Alive is in command

Many weak men hungered

Many strong men thrived

Though they boast of solitude

God was at their side

Nor the dreamer in his cell

Nor the captain on the hill

Magic is alive

Though his death was pardoned

Round and round the world

The heart would not believe

Though laws were carved in marble

They could not shelter men

Though altars built in parliaments

They could not order men

Police arrested magic and magic went with them

Mmmmm…. for magic loves the hungry

But magic would not tarry

It moves from arm to arm

It would not stay with them

Magic is afoot

It cannot come to harm

It rests in an empty palm

It spawns in an empty mind

But magic is no instrument

Magic is the end

Many men drove magic

But magic stayed behind

Many strong men lied

They only passed through magic

And out the other side

Many weak men lied

They came to God in secret

And though they left Him nourished

They would not tell who healed

Though mountains danced before them

They said that God was dead

Though his shrouds were hoisted

The naked God did live

This I mean to whisper to my mind

This I mean to laugh within my mind

This I mean my mind to serve

Til’ service is but magic

Moving through the world

And mind itself is magic

Coursing through the flesh

And flesh itself is magic

Dancing on a clock

And time itself

The magic length of God

God is alive, magic is afoot . . .

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Klamath Spring Salmon Numbers Plummet

Salmon Surveyors

Annual Survey Paints Grim Picture for Iconic Species

SOMES BAR, CALIFORNIA—The population of Chinook salmon that swims up the Klamath River in the spring once numbered in the hundreds of thousands. Last Friday, less than three hundred were counted during the Salmon River Cooperative Spring Chinook and Summer Steelhead Survey-the fourth lowest return in twenty years. “This result is particularly disappointing when you consider that this year’s returns are the offspring of 2010 – 2013, which were the largest returns in twenty years,” said Nat Pennington, Spring Chinook Specialist with the Salmon River Restoration Council and Board member of Klamath Riverkeeper.

Wild spring Chinook returns were similarly dismal on the Trinity River, the largest tributary to the Klamath, “It’s looking like this will be the lowest number of spring Chinook counted since 1989 on the South Fork Trinity”said Josh Smith of the Watershed Research and Training Center in Hyampom, CA. According to Salmon River Restoration Council Executive Director Josh Saxon, “Spring Chinook are a keystone species for local Tribes, they are the first to migrate when river flows are still high and traditionally their appearance signaled the beginning of world renewal ceremony and fish harvest.  These low numbers should signal a screaming red siren to managing agencies that this system needs restoration now.”

Salmon 1This year Klamath River spring Chinook had to run a gauntlet of potential killers in the lower river to get to their spawning grounds and it is believed that many won’t make it through the summer to spawn. Last year 60 spring Chinook were found dead before they were able to spawn in the Salmon River and this year, conditions are worse.

“Record low flows coupled with record high river temperatures and disease prevalence were likely the biggest hurdle for fish this year,” said Sammy Gensaw, a Yurok salmon fisherman, “the run seemed delayed, like they could not come into the estuary because it was so incredibly warm, I have never seen it this bad.”

Last week, the Yurok Tribal Fisheries Program found that the fish diseaseIchthyophthirius multifiliis, (Ich) is infecting fish in the river. Ich played a key role in the infamous 2002 fish kill, which left an estimated 60,000 salmon to rot along the banks of the Lower Klamath. Spring Chinook don’t get to choose when they migrate, once their biological clock goes off, they must enter the river. High temperatures and low flows are preventing them from reaching their spawning grounds, and Ich infections are likely to be transferred from the spring to the fall Chinook, raising concerns about another fish kill.

The majority of spring Chinook habitat was lost early in the 20th century when the Klamath Dams were constructed. Prior to the dams, they were the Klamath’s most prolific run of fish. The dams not only block fish passage, they degrade the water that passes through them to the extent that the spring run hatchery at the lowest dam, a required mitigation measure to compensate for dam construction, failed in the 1970’s because of poor water quality.

Pennington and others point to removal of the Klamath Dams as the best means to reverse the trend of decreasing fish populations. “The Klamath River crisis of the past several decades is coming to a head with California’s terrible drought,” said Congressman Jared Huffman, CA-2). “Agreements to remove the dams on the Klamath River and strike a balance for fish, wildlife and agriculture are on the books and written into legislation that is stalled in Congress. It’s critical for Washington to move beyond gridlock and address this issue for the sake of Klamath River salmon and the communities and jobs that depend on them.” According to Craig Tucker, Natural Resources Policy Advocate for the Karuk Tribe, “These Agreements are supported by Klamath River Tribes, Klamath irrigators, most conservation groups, and the dam’s owner Pacificorp but they have been stalled in Congress by Northern California Rep. Doug LaMalfa.”

Photos courtesy of Klamath-Salmon Media Collaborative

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