Egyptian Aak 2015 – Week 26 ( June 22 – 28)



Sandstorm hits Egypt – Ahramonline

Top Headlines

  • Prominent Al Jazeera journalist and Muslim Brotherhood supporter Ahmed Mansour has been released by the German authorities (Monday)
  • Egypt opens Rafah border with Gaza for the third time in a month (Tuesday)
  • GCC is not expected to provide Egypt with additional aid during FY2015/2016 (Sunday) 

Main Headlines



  • Egypt’s army receives…

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As it happened – Yanis Varoufakis’ intervention during the 27th June 2015 Eurogroup Meeting

Yanis Varoufakis

The Eurogroup Meeting of 27th June 2015 will not go down as a proud moment in Europe’s history. Ministers turned down the Greek government’s request that the Greek people should be granted a single week during which to deliver a Yes or No answer to the institutions’ proposals – proposals crucial for Greece’s future in the Eurozone. The very idea that a government would consult its people on a problematic proposal put to it by the institutions was treated with incomprehension and often with disdain bordering on contempt. I was even asked: “How do you expect common people to understand such complex issues?”. Indeed, democracy did not have a good day in yesterday’s Eurogroup meeting! But nor did European institutions. After our request was rejected, the Eurogroup President broke with the convention of unanimity (issuing a statement without my consent) and even took the dubious decision to convene a follow up meeting without the Greek minister, ostensibly to…

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