Stone thieves are dismantling Yorkshire’s heritage, warn police


Thieves are taking prized items such as roof tiles, topping stones on dry stone walls and York stone paving slabs

Some of Yorkshire’s most beautiful rural areas are reporting a plague of stone thefts, with homes, schools, farms, churches and chapels all being targeted by thieves. The situation has become so dire that police have launched a PR drive to raise awareness of the threat to their region’s heritage.

Jason McCartney, Tory MP for Colne Valley, has warned that his constituency’s heritage is being “systematically dismantled”. During a debate on the problem in parliament, he said he was receiving weekly reports of stone thefts from West Yorkshire police. Many robberies take place in daylight with thieves posing as workmen in high-visibility jackets.

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4 thoughts on “Stone thieves are dismantling Yorkshire’s heritage, warn police”

  1. Austerity…
    Well. if it ain’t the lead it’s the stones…
    Our local ‘old’ tea house on the beach front had all the lead stripped.
    You should see what they do to churches…
    Been going on for awhile.

  2. There have always been such thieves for profit and survival – now as much for survival it seems. I drive past a scrap yard every morning and there are all sorts bringing in legal and illegal scrap – the good guys being the ones bringing in metal soda cans tossed on the street.

  3. Did you count the ‘good guys?’ grin
    The minority who are ‘hungry?’ not for ‘ideal’ reasons…grin

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