What Muslim extremists and rightwing racists have in common | From the Observer | Observer.co.uk

Where young men and women are constantly made to feel they are not part of society, when they see themselves as pushed out, and harassed in various ways, it creates a societal wound in which the infection of Islamic extremism can fester.

This is, in fact, how extremisms of all kinds propagate themselves. Muslim extremists and right-wing racists share more than the fantasy of their own cultural supremacy: they are, in a sense, interdependent – predicated upon the existence of a demonised enemy. Both seek to recruit people to their own side through creating narratives of fear, hate, and resentment, of ‘us and them’. By tearing the wound ever wider, they seek to grind the infection of their world view even deeper into the flesh. It’s a vicious circle of mutually reinforcing hatreds.

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Tsipras warns Greece of ‘difficult compromise’ after creditors’ default threat

The Greek prime minister has warned his country to prepare for a “difficult compromise” with EU and IMF creditors. Greece has submitted its last chance proposal to Brussels to avert a catastrophic default by Athens.

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“I was visiting from California when I met him. I was with a…


“I was visiting from California when I met him. I was with a bridal shower at a bar on Long Island, and he seemed so different than all the other guys there. We danced for hours, and then we went outside and sat on a dock and talked all night long. We spent the next three weeks together before I returned home. Soon he came out to visit me, and when he left, believe it or not, he put a Humans of New York book on my bed with a letter inside that said: ‘I want you to come to New York.’ So I did, and we dated for a year. Then he dumped me on Valentine’s Day.”

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lastrealindians:Rachel Dolezal, Blackface and Pretendians, …





Rachel Dolezal, Blackface and Pretendians, By: Ruth Hopkins

Rachel Dolezal, an adjunct professor of Africana studies at Eastern Washington University and President of the NAACP Spokane chapter, has been outed as a white woman who’s been passing herself off as black, for years. This newsflash comes straight from the horse’s mouth, her own Caucasian birth parents.

Her deception runs deep. In a Facebook post on NAACP Spokane, Ms. Dolezal poses with a black elder, claiming the man was her father when he is not. Rachel has also been telling people that her two younger adopted black brothers are her sons.


While some argue that Ms. Dolezal was merely sympathetic to the cause, Rachel was committed to blackface and playing the role on a daily basis by bronzing her skin and wearing black hairstyles. Rachel’s IG handle is, “Afrocentricfemme.”

Yes. Rachel was way, way down the rabbit hole.

Whether the woman is delusional and really believes herself to be black or if she is indeed knowingly disguising herself as a black woman and has woven a web of lies to support it, is beside the point.

Rachel used the harrowing struggle of blacks in America for her own benefit. She made bank by giving speeches about her experiences growing up as a ‘black woman,’ and by making a living and gaining notoriety and prestige from this false identity, she exploited their culture and heritage- one her own white ancestors sought to dismantle.

Other black women could have assumed the leadership roles Rachel usurped. It’s hard enough for women of color to be heard in this country already. Platforms for black and native voices are still few and far between. Yet here stands this white woman, supplanting them. Not to mention, as someone who is not black, she had no right to speak for them or represent them.

But wait, there’s more. Rachel also claims to be native, although she has not stated from what Tribal Nation she hails. In an interview with The Easterner, she says she was <a href=”http://easterneronline.com/35006/eagle-life/a-life-to-be-heard/

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Rachel Dolezal, Blackface and Pretendians, ….

Really strange and even stranger the coverage and discussion. #lastrealindians is on the mark.

IMF says it will continue to back Ukraine | News | DW.DE | 13.06.2015

(and what about Greece?) “I believe that their program warrants the support of the international community, including the private sector, which is indispensable for the success of this program,” Lagarde said. She stressed that the IMF did not have to cut off its funding of the Ukraine government if it stopped servicing its private debts.

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