Planting for the Bees in a Permaculture Garden

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

London pride on the steps at Bealtaine Cottage

London Pride ready to open flower on the steps at Bealtaine Cottage.

Years of pushing and shoving by these delicate looking little plants have finally eradicated the creeping buttercup in the heavy clay soil.

Bees at Bealtaine Cottage

It’s at this time of year that bees are working hard and sometimes gardens are bereft of food for the bees.

Not here!

permaculture at 011

I have a policy that is enshrined in Bealtaine cottage gardens…plant for the bees, the birds and then myself, always in that order!

Cordyline at Bealtaine Cottage IrelandOne of the plants that was so severely damaged by frost several years ago has made a comeback!

This is the tropical Cordyline, growing here thanks to the Gulf Stream.

That means an early start to the growing year and bees follow the same pattern, sometimes emerging as early as late February! 017

So food at the ready is vital for them!

Ribes, or flowering currant, is a wonderful source of…

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2 thoughts on “Planting for the Bees in a Permaculture Garden”

  1. I too, have a Cordyline …..stolen grin…
    South ,here, we can grow them but not further inland
    Bees are at the moment scarce, though I plant wild.
    Given up with veg Red flag to the bastards..
    Summer is slow….odd weather.
    Saw a bumble 2 day close up, carrying so much pollen…2 orange sacks of it…
    Still, I await the others.

    1. I seem to have plenty of bees. Clover in the grass, and lots of flowers of different types and a succulent that gives wonderful plate of small flowers is well traveled by honey bees and bumble bees.

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