Planting for the Bees in a Permaculture Garden

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

London pride on the steps at Bealtaine Cottage

London Pride ready to open flower on the steps at Bealtaine Cottage.

Years of pushing and shoving by these delicate looking little plants have finally eradicated the creeping buttercup in the heavy clay soil.

Bees at Bealtaine Cottage

It’s at this time of year that bees are working hard and sometimes gardens are bereft of food for the bees.

Not here!

permaculture at 011

I have a policy that is enshrined in Bealtaine cottage gardens…plant for the bees, the birds and then myself, always in that order!

Cordyline at Bealtaine Cottage IrelandOne of the plants that was so severely damaged by frost several years ago has made a comeback!

This is the tropical Cordyline, growing here thanks to the Gulf Stream.

That means an early start to the growing year and bees follow the same pattern, sometimes emerging as early as late February! 017

So food at the ready is vital for them!

Ribes, or flowering currant, is a wonderful source of…

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Grace Jones [Performs at Parklife Festival in Manchester and] Rules!

Grace in motion – have mercy – grin. She is inspirational

Repeating Islands


Well, the real title of this Daily Mail article is “Topless Grace Jones, 67, covers her age-defying figure in tribal body paint and a corset as she puts on a typically unique performance at Parklife festival,” but I don’t give a “flying fish” about whether she was topless or not. Grace Jones rules, regardless of whether she is 67 and still singing up a storm, whether she shows her painted chest in public, or wears war paint or a gold skull mask! She is simply amazing. Here are excerpts of the article:

She may have reached retirement age, but Grace Jones clearly has no intention of slowing down. The 67-year-old flamboyant singer wowed fans when she performed topless and covered in tribal body paint in front of a crowd of thousands at Parklife on Sunday.  Grace leapt energetically around the stage in a revealing black corset and a show-stopping grass skirt…

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Children of the Moon: Albino Kuna Indians under Threat

Repeating Islands


Reuters’ “The Wider Image” reports that large number of albino Kuna (or Guna) Indians—“the alabaster-skinned people born on this sun-scorched constellation of islands off the Caribbean coast of Panama [who] have been venerated as the Children of the Moon or the Grandchildren of the Sun”—are under threat due to the tropical sun, “their mythic, celestial ancestor.”

Experts say there are hundreds of albinos among the 80,000 indigenous Guna, or Kuna, who live in Panama, nearly half on the mainland of the Guna Yala region and three dozen of its 365 palm-speckled islands. There has been no census but Pascale Jeambrun, founder of the local S.O.S Albino organisation, says one in every 150 Guna children born is albino.

At a global level, the rate is believed to be around 1 in 17,000.

In some countries like Tanzania, albinos can be persecuted and killed as a symbol of bad luck, or witchcraft…

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$125 Million in ‘Dark Money’ Helped Fund Climate Change Skeptics

An analysis by the Guardian finds that conservative donors gave more than $125 million over three years to groups that have promoted climate denial and/or oppose environmental regulations….

via $125 Million in ‘Dark Money’ Helped Fund Climate Change Skeptics.

The Power Within Us…

Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland

Voting is not something we do every so many years to change the world around us.

Nothing much changes.

We continue to live in a state of unhappiness with the apparent status quo.

All that is power seeks to continually remind us of our lack of power….but, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Dis-empowerment is something we can choose whether or no to embrace.

We can  be victims or not.

We can refuse to acknowledge, becoming what we are meant to be…free human beings on a sacred journey.

Or, we can vote with our wallets, every time we consume, every day, every week of every year of our lives!

All those special bargains on shelves have their origin in factorized food, bland and impoverished products of the systematic destruction of Mother Nature.

Each individual purchase fuels that destruction!

Do we support corporations we loathe?

If so, why?

How often…

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