Man Dies After Cops Taser Him In His Apartment: Gothamist

Man Dies After Cops Taser Him In His Apartment: Gothamist.

A Bronx man died yesterday morning after NYPD officers say they encountered him brandishing a pair of scissors inside of his apartment and proceeded to Taser him.

Officers responded to a call regarding an “emotionally disturbed person” (EDP) at 2263 Loring Place in the University Heights neighborhood of the Bronx around 8:15 a.m., according to the NYPD. Inside Apartment 15, police say they found a 51-year-old man, identified by the NY Times as one Mario Ocasio, “armed” with a pair of scissors.

2 thoughts on “Man Dies After Cops Taser Him In His Apartment: Gothamist”

  1. Remind me not to get emotionally disturbed…again grin. We are having big problems here with the young and their mental health.The police have been putting them in cells.They have now introduced a scheme where a qualified mental health nurse goes on patrol with the police. It has helped with suicides. Mental health issues, self harm are increasing. Then they feed them with pills and get them hooked. Wrong. gggrrrrrrr
    You lot are a bit gun happy,or should I say “Tazer Happy! ”
    ( cue 4 a song)
    We have tazers here,though they are rarely used.
    Bad,sad situation.

  2. Low dose exposure to various industrial pollutants in children between birth and 3-years of age has produced all sorts of “mental/emotional” as well as asthma problems in youngers. Police who feel they have to 100% control “objects” of irritation end up killing people and that’s OK in US and UK because they are “other” people’s kids. We could go on and on… 😦

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