Islamic State recruiting chemical weapons experts, Australia’s foreign minister says


{She gets briefed by former US Vice President on how to lie about threats and then… } Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop claims Islamic State militants have used chlorine as a weapon. Bishop adds that ‘IS’ is also recruiting experts in an attempt to develop far more serious chemical weapons.

via Islamic State recruiting chemical weapons experts, Australia’s foreign minister says.

The Ella Tannous Case: When Every Lebanese Suddenly Becomes A Doctor

Profit motives of press, corrupt around the world. The doctor saved her life, not ruined it!

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Ella Tannous

I just wasted 7 years of my life in medical school.

Naturally, when you live in the country with the likes of professor Marcel Ghanem, Dr. Joe Maalouf, Tony Khalifeh and their friends, is there a point for you to remotely try to get an education? They will tell you what you need to know, give you medicine crash courses and guide public opinion on the matter.

Clearly, they’re the ones who know everything and those doctors are just backward-minded folks who only care about money.

Ella Tannous is a young 9 months old whose pediatrician is now in jail. Why is he in jail? Because we live in a corrupt country where security forces get carried away by the sensational reporting of Kalam Ennas and other similar shows to ruin the life of a man simply because of the science of Marcel Ghanem’s report and that dramatic Lord of…

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